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Conservation Biology

Summary The mission of this multicampus workgroup is to plan and offer opportunities in the multidisciplinary and applied field of conservation biology, including research, education, and service-oriented activities such as organizing a UC Summer Symposium in Conservation Biology, maintaining a UC conservation biology website, and providing expertise for state issues in conservation biology.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Calvin Qualset (Chair)
Phone (530) 754-8502
Membership List
AES Scientist
Allen, Michael Plant Pathology
  Professor of Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Allen-Diaz, Barbara
  CE Advisor, Emeritus Rangeland Ecology and Management
Beissinger, Steven Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)
Carrizosa, Santiago Genetic Resources Conservation Program
  Asst. Research Ecologist conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity
Elliott-Fisk, Deborah Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology
  Sr. Lecturer Biogeography; ecosystem management; paleoecology; conservation biology, especially in mountain systems and California
Harrison, Susan Environmental Science and Policy
  Professor   Conservation Biologist in the Agricultural Experiment Station Population dynamics; community structure and conservation biology, especially the roles of spatial factors such as patchiness, habitat heterogenity and dispersal; field experiments (mainly on insects and plants) and theory; basic and theoretical ecology; conservation ecology.
User, Unverified
McGuire, Patrick Department of Plant Sciences
  Genetics, genetic resources conservation, conservation biology, conservation genetics
Moyle, Peter Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology
  Professor Ecology and conservation of freshwater and estuarine fishes
Nunney, Leonard
Qualset, Calvin
  Director Emeritus-Genetic Resources Conservation Program Professor Emeritus Research Professor Agronomy, genetics, quantitative inheritance, plant breeding; plant genetic resources
Redak, Richard Entomology (UCR)
  Entomologist Professor & Chair Integrated management of insect pests on commercial floricultural and ornamental plants, ecology of plant-insect interactions within the urban/natural/agricultural interface, community ecology of insects, conservation biology
Rogers, Deborah
  Resource Analyst
Rotenberry, John Dept. of Biology, UC Riverside
  Professor community ecology and conservation biology; interaction of environmental factors to determine species diversity and community composition
Sih, Andrew Environmental Science and Policy
  Ecologist in the AES Andy's Sih's laboratory works on the evolution of ecologically important behaviors (predator-prey, mating, and social behaviors) life history traits, and how these influence population and community ecological patterns. Most projects examine freshwater organisms - e.g., fish, amphibian larvae, crayfish, insects and other freshwater invertebrates. Current applied ecological interests include studying effects of pesticides on predator-prey interactions, and behavioral mechanisms underlying specie
CE Advisor
Bell, Carl Ventura County
  Regional Advisor Invasive Plants
Drill, Sabrina Los Angeles County
  Natural Resources Advisor Watershed education, conservation and restoration of aquatic and wildland habitats and anadramous fishes, aquatic and terrestrial invasive species, fire ecology and landscape preparation, land use planning, environmental literacy and public participation in science.
Giusti, Gregory Lake County
  Past County Director Lake & Mendocino Counties, Advisor:Forests & Wildland Ecology - Retired/ Emeritus Status Forest management, wildlife management, vertebrate pest management, wetlands, watersheds, fisheries and freshwater ecology
Marcum, Daniel Shasta-Lassen Office
  Farm Advisor - Emeritus Irrigation, plant nutrition, salinity, entomology, sustainable agriculture, agronomy, vegetable crops, engineering, plant pathology, integrated pest management, systems management, economics, weed control, nematology, strawberry nursery production, garlic, wild rice, alfalfa, timothy, sugarbeet, pasture, range, biodiversity, peppermint, viticulture
McArthur, Karl San Bernardino County
  Desert Natural Resource Advisor Policy Issues/Desert Regions of Tri-County area, San Bernardino, Riverside, Imperial
Mellano, Valerie San Diego North County Office
  Acting County Director, Environmental Issues Advisor Water quality, waste management, land use, urban-rural interface, biotechnology
CE Specialist
Allen, Edith Botany & Plant Sciences
  CE Natural Resources Specialist & Professor of Plant Ecology
Dewees, Christopher Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology
  Specialist in Cooperative Extension Marine Fisheries, Emeritus Marine fisheries; human dimensions of fisheries management; commercial fisheries technology
Grosholz, Edwin Environmental Science and Policy
  Professor and Alexander and Elizabeth Swantz Specialist in Cooperative Extension Coastal and Inland Water Resources
McCreary, Douglas
  Natural Resource Specialist Emeritus Oak regeneration, woodland management; and agroforestry
Merenlender, Adina Hopland Research & Extension Center
  Cooperative Extension Specialist; Adjunct Professor conservation biology, land use planning, watershed science, habitat connectivity
Scott, Thomas Earth Sciences
  Natural Resources   Wildlife Specialist Conservation of wildlife, wildlife/urban interface. Response of wildlife to human disturbances
Other ANR
Bugg, Robert Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program
  Information Analyst Develop, gather and disseminate information on cover cropping, pest management and restoration ecology
(info only) Filmer, Ann Department of Plant Sciences
  Communications 1) Communications; 2) Floriculture production, postharvest handling of ornamentals
Walter, Hartmut Dept. of Geography, UC Los Angeles
  Professor viable population maintenance; functional landscape analysis, geographic concepts for conservation biology, extinction processes, birds, reptiles
Other UC
Ambrose, Richard School of Public Health, UC Los Angeles
  Professor inventory of coastal resources (subtidal, intertidal, wetland); restoration ecology; environmental impact assessment and mitigation; kelp beds; coastal wetlands; invertebrates; algae; fish
User, Unverified
Bowler, Peter Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Irvine
  Assoc. Adjunct Professor habitat restoration (coastal sage scrub and wetlands); endangered species; freshwater mollusks; riparian plants
Bryant, Peter Dept. of Developmental & Cell Biology, UC Irvine
  Professor developmental biology; teaches biodiversity and conservation
Canestro, Don UC KS Norris Rancho Marino Reserve
  Reserve Manager, NRS restoration, land management
Doak, Daniel Dept. of EE Biology, UC Santa Cruz
  Assoc. Professor responses of plants to herbivores; metapopulation structure in animals; population viability
Gilbert, Gregory Dept. of Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz
  Assoc. Professor microbial-plant interactions; fungal pathogens; disease processes; temperate and tropical forests; fungal diversity
Holl, Karen
Johnson, Michael
Koopowitz, Harold Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Irvine
  Professor Emeritus plant species extinction rates; conservation of exotic plant species by seed and pollen banks; petalloid monocots; tropics
Lidicker, Jr., William Dept. of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
  Professor Emeritus conservation biology theory; landscape ecology; systematics of mammals; dispersal biology
N Glazer, Alexander
Powell, Frank White Mountain Research Station, UC San Diego
  Professor/Director respiratory physiology; birds; physiological acclimation and genetic adaptations to altitude; interdisciplinary education
Rothstein, Stephen Dept. of Ecology, Evolution, & Marine Biology, UC Santa Barbara
  Professor breeding biology of birds; genetic and behavioral variation; songbird species; riparian species
User, Unverified
Wayne, Robert Dept. of Ecology & Evol. Biology, UC Los Angeles
  Professor conservation genetics, gene flow, mammalian carnivores, butterflies, marine mammals
Woodruff, David Biological Sciences, UC San Diego
  Professor defining evolutionarily significant units for conservation management and monitoring genetic erosion; endangered species of tropical mammals and birds
Membership Totals
Number of Members47
ANR Members46
Info Only1
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