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Orientation & On-Boarding

 Help with getting started.

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UC ANR - Cooperative Extension - 100 years video


Orientation (& growth): Check Lists ; Guide & Settling in

Checklists for getting started (Admin)



Supervisors (Admin) Guide

Supervisors checklist for new hires (Programmatic)

Seven steps to success

See a range of helpful materials at Learning and Development

Guide & Settling in

New ANR Employee Guide  (web page)

New (Nov 2018) - We will trial a Monthly Open Office with FAQs 



Getting Started

10 steps to getting your program started Fact Sheet

Connect through

Connecting, Mentoring & Networking

My On-boarding Buddy

UC ANR tools

Understanding UC ANR structure

Who to Contact for What (shows the network of organizational groups)



Growth Resources

Learning & Development

Best (Extension) Practices Hub

Knowledge Bank. A repository of applied UC ANR information



Performance Evaluation



Annual Evaluation
Merits and Promotions (e-Book)
Understanding Merits & Promotions (pdf)



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