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Employment Forms & Relevant Checklists

For Academic Employees

Timely submission of a complete new hire packet is critical because new employees do not have access to the benefits enrollment and retirement choice applications, if applicable; until their information is entered into the Payroll/Personnel System.

Please print and complete the forms ahead of time; however, please hold off on signing the following two forms as they need to be witnessed by a UC representative during your onboarding meeting.

  1. State Oath Allegiance (if applicable), Patent Policy & Patent Acknowledgement form
  2. Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) 
    • You may also want to refer to the video for employees on how to fill out the Form I-9 at the USCIS web site:
    • Please be sure to arrive for your onboarding with the required documentation for employment eligibility verification as listed on Page 4 of the Form I-9.


The new academic employee packet needs to be completed, scanned in PDF format as a secured document. Please click here for further instructions on how to secure your documents.

The documents should be forwarded to the contacts below by the onboarding representative:

TO:  Business Operations Center at Davis (BOC-D

CC:  Academic HR Assistant, Alma Jackson (


Academic Personnel Action Form (APA Form), Time/Leave Reporting Information section:

If your academic is a visiting scholar, please skip this step.

  • For REC/Program Unit-based positions, supervisor must complete this section.
  • For UCCE-based positions, the BOC-K will complete this section.

Employment Forms

Forms to Complete
You will need Adobe Acrobat to open the following PDFs. get adobe reader for free
If applicable

                  For Recalled retirees only

Please complete this form if you are a hourly-paid non-exempt employee

      • Prior Employment with UC or a Qualifying California State Agency 

If you have prior employment service with another UC campus (not UC Davis) or a qualifying California state agency, please complete the top half section of the form ANR Request for Verification of Previous Employment and return the form to Alma Jackson at as soon as possible. The purpose for verifying employment service credit, is to determine service time and eligibility for service awards, starting with 10 years of service and then every 5 years thereafter.

Voluntary Forms



Supervisors are encouraged to review the below checklists with their new academic employee during the onboarding meeting. 

New Employee Safety Checklist

UC ANR-New Employee Academic Checklist

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