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Nutritional Wellbeing

Food Insecurity

INSECURITY is in every community.

Please use or refer to the California Association of Food Bank search by Zip code food bank finder to help those in need.

TAKE THE USDA Food Insecurity Survey. It is instructive.

LOOK AT ALL of the USDA tools for assessing adult and household food insecurity. 

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Recipes from SNAP

National Farmers Market Directory: Find one near you!

How about some Salsa!  

Farmers Market Salsa

Mellon Salsa

Strawberry Pepper

Mango Salsa

National Farmers Market Directory: Find ingredients near you!

BREAKFAST! Whole Grain Strawberry Pancakes

DINNER tonight: Croc-pot Enchilada Rice right here!

DESERT too! Frozen Peach Pops and

Apple Pie Cups

How about Meatless?

Try the Southwestern Pepper Cups

From Yolo UCCE Summer Recipes We created these recipes for our Cooking Academy after school program; they are healthy, delicious, and loved by our student chefs! Try one or all of these recipes and let us know what you think.




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