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Donors dig deep to give UC ANR $99,000 for Big Dig Day
BIG congratulations! Together we raised over $99,000 in new support across the state with our second annual Big Dig Day campaign. This is an increase of more than three times the...

Story elements

Possible story elements or characteristics could include:
  • Catchy Title
  • Good picture(s)
  • Short (< 400 words)
  • Educational content for the target audience - written using appropriate (non techie) language
  • Where go for more information
  • Who contact for more
  • Tagging re: SIs and PVS

Story flow

Role of communications for editing and collation?

Role of SIs?

Agriculture & Pest Management

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Southeast Asian farmers devastated by cononavirus closures
With sales down dramatically at Asian markets and restaurants, crops on Southeast Asian farms have been left to wither away in the fields, reported Donald Promnitz in The Business...

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