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Blakey and Lee big winners of photo contest

HFC: Spending a summer evening with my daughter along the Owens River in Bishop. Photo by Dustin Blakey

Dustin Blakey and Dani Lee showed off their photography skills by winning the ANR photo contest.

Photos were solicited for five categories based on UC ANR's Strategic Initiatives:

  • Endemic and invasive pests and diseases (EIPD)
  • Healthy families and communities (HFC)
  • Sustainable food systems (SFS)
  • Sustainable natural ecosystems (SNE)
  • Water quality, quantity and security (WATER)

Blakey, UCCE director and farm advisor in Inyo and Mono counties, won in the EIPD, HFD and WATER categories. Lee, Nutrition Policy Institute policy analyst, won in the SFS and SNE categories. See the winning photos below.

All photos submitted to the contest will be stored on UC ANR's WebDam at and made available for UC ANR presentations, websites, social media, etc., with credit to the photographers.

EIPD: Chlorochroa kanei stink bugs on hollyhock in Bishop in May 2020. Photo by Dustin Blakey
SFS: Locally grown cauliflower purchased from the farmers market, amidst other specialty crops. Photo by Dani Lee
SNE: Creek in John Muir Wilderness. Photo by Dani Lee
WATER: Owens River north of Bishop. About 50 miles southward it is directed into the Los Angeles Aqueduct. Photo by Dustin Blakey
Posted on Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 7:06 PM

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