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In memoriam: Travis Bean

Travis Bean
On May 27, 2020, Travis Bean, UC Cooperative Extension specialist and an incredible, amazing and accomplished man passed away suddenly at the age of 43.

Travis was born in Lincoln, Neb., on Feb. 11, 1977, and raised in Yuma, Ariz. At the University of Arizona, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in plant science in 2000, Master of Science degree in range management in 2002, and eventually his Doctor of Philosophy degree in ecology and management of rangelands in 2014.  

Travis joined the Department of Botany and Plant Sciences at UC Riverside in 2014. There he developed a research and extension program focused on managing weedy and invasive plants in agricultural and wildland settings. He was a great contributor to weed research and extension in California and the western United States, and his loss will be felt greatly by his friends and colleagues in the weed science community. 

In his personal life, Travis enjoyed the outdoors. He went hunting with friends and family and felt most comfortable out in nature.  Travis was an avid reader for pleasure and for his profession. He was not afraid to try new things. He enjoyed brewing his own beer and wine, roasting coffee and trying exotic foods that would make even the strongest stomach turn.

Travis will be remembered as a family man. Although he lived in California, he regularly had long conversations with his mom, dad and brother. They could talk about anything in life, from struggles to dreams of the future. Through the laughter and tears, agreeing and disagreeing, there was always love and appreciation for one another.

Travis is survived by his father Michael (Maria) of Yuma, Ariz., his mother Debbie Tanner (Karl) of Dillard, OR, his brother Chadd Bean (Trina) of Peoria, Ariz., his nephew Blythe and niece Bryntleigh. He is also survived by his stepsiblings Korina Ricter, Melissa Ellingson and Josh Tanner, additional nieces and nephews, several aunts and uncles.

Posted on Friday, June 12, 2020 at 8:19 PM
  • Author: Karl Tanner
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