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Shelby MacNab
Shelby McNab, UCCE Fresno Nutrition Program Manager, was selected by ANR Leadership to attend the April 2015 Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) at the UCLA Conference Center at Lake Arrowhead. The goal of MSAP is to address skill gaps and grow competencies that will prepare internal employees for future role opportunities in their UC workplaces.

During the four-day program McNab  participated in simulated UC management scenarios, received behavioral feedback, attended a career development workshop, and connected with colleagues from throughout the UC system. Before she arrived, she was involved in pre-assessment components and will be involved post-program activities to continue her professional development.

“The MSAP experience was truly transformative," McNab said, when asked about her experience. "The assessment tools and activities provided me with insight into areas where I am strong, and areas for further development. As a leader, dedicated time to reflect and receive coaching and feedback is invaluable. The program also provided time to connect with colleagues throughout the UC system. It was a great opportunity to connect with other supervisors throughout the state.  I would highly recommend the experience, and I am very thankful I had the opportunity to attend.”

The next MSAP will be held Oct. 12-15, 2015. We strongly recommend that department heads, unit leaders and Directors discuss the program with supervisors and managers who exhibit potential for management development and encourage them to apply.

Staff applications due at noon July 6, 2015

Applications are now being accepted for the Fall 2015 Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP). This program is designed to assess the management skills of high potential, early career staff supervisors and managers for future leadership opportunities at the University of California (academics are not eligible). The program is scheduled for Oct. 12-15, 2015 at the UCLA Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead.

UC ANR has one seat for the Fall 2015 program, and we are seeking applicants.

Completed applications must be submitted online by noon, Monday, July 6.

Eligibility requirements for staff participants include (note: academic employees are not eligible for this program):

  • Classification at “___” Assistant III Supervisor, equivalent or above
  • Full-time career status with a current, satisfactory (or better) performance evaluation
  • Designation as a supervisor or manager in their classification

Participants will be selected based on an evaluation of the applicant's (1) career goals in management, (2) level of skills essential for performing management functions, and (3) demonstrated career path and/or strong commitment to management skill development.

The cost for the program is $1,095 (including all program materials and room and board for three days and two nights). This does not include transportation or other related travel costs.  The cost of the program will be covered by ANR for the successful participant, as well as travel costs according to ANR policy.

Further information and the 2015 online MSAP application form (including applicant and supervisor components) can be found at:  Applications are completed and submitted online.  An ANR committee will review all applications and make the final selection. Completed applications must be submitted online by noon, Monday, July 6.

For more information, contact Jodi Azulai at

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