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Nominate ANR staff for STAR awards

Nominations are being accepted for the ANR Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Program until March 31. The purpose of the award program is to recognize and reward outstanding staff individual and team performance within Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Under the STAR Program, managers are able to recognize, acknowledge and reward employees for exceptional performance and/or significant contributions related to and supportive of individual, departmental, divisional, and/or organizational goals and objectives.

Managers may acknowledge and reward individuals and teams demonstrating:

  • Exceptional performance: Demonstrated and sustained exceptional performance that consistently exceeds goals and work expectations in quantity and/or quality.
  • Creativity: One-time innovation or creation that results in time/dollar savings, revenue enhancement, and productivity improvement; and/or ongoing innovative/creative activities that benefit organizational systems, protocols, and/or procedures.
  • Organizational abilities: Exhibiting extraordinary skills in leadership resulting in the accomplishment of significant departmental or divisional goals and objectives; effective project management, which could include developing a project and/or implementing a project with substantial success; and/or demonstrating organizational capability leading to a greater level of effectiveness.
  • Work success: Significantly exceeding productivity, customer service, quality of care or similar goals, including demonstrating superior interactions with managers, peers, supervisors, subordinates, the University community, and/or clients and customers served.
  • Teamwork: For team awards, the following criteria, plus the criterion above, will be considered. Acting as an exceptionally effective and cooperative team member or team leader for a team that has significantly exceeded the goals/objectives of the department/unit.

To read the STAR award guidelines and restrictions and to download the nomination form, see the attachments.

Application and selection process:

February 2016: The call for nominations is distributed to all ANR unit directors.

No later than March 31, 2016: Nomination applications submitted via e-mail to

April - May 2016: An appointed review committee will review applications submitted by the due date. The committee will select up to 20 individuals and two teams to be awarded.

May 2016: Unit directors and award winners are notified of the final decisions.


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