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UC changes timing of final pay

The University of California has made changes to the timing of final pay when an employee retires or voluntarily resigns from an ANR position. Previously, University practice was to pay out final wages within 72 hours of the employee's last day at work. ANR will now issue final wages with the employee's next regular payday.

This change is being applied across the UC system; it is not specific to ANR or UC Davis, said John Fox, executive director of Human Resources.

To provide two examples: If a monthly paid, non-represented employee resigns effective Sept. 15, 2016, final pay would be included in the Oct. 1 paycheck. If a bi-weekly paid, non-represented employee resigns effective Sept. 15,, 2016, final pay would be included in the Oct. 5 paycheck (the next regular payday in which the earnings for the dates worked would normally be paid).

For exclusively represented (union) employees, the timing of final pay is subject to the terms of the employee's collective bargaining agreement. Depending on the agreement, it may still be necessary to request a manual, final check in order to comply with the contract terms.

When a limited-term appointment reaches the scheduled end date, this is treated as a voluntary resignation. (The employee agreed to the end date when accepting the appointment.)

There is no change to the timing if an employee's appointment ends involuntarily.  All final wages earned and unpaid at the time of the separation are due and payable immediately.

When supervisors are notified that an employee is separating or an appointment is ending, it is critical that they immediately notify ANR Human Resources and the appropriate BOC Payroll unit to initiate the separation process in a timely manner. Delays in formally separating an employee can delay the processing of the employee's final pay, and unnecessary costs may continue to be assessed to ANR.

Please contact Human Resources or the appropriate BOC Payroll unit – Davis or Kearney – if you have questions about the separation process or the timing of final pay.

Posted on Monday, August 22, 2016 at 8:37 AM
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