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Recording of ANR town hall posted

During the ANR town hall Thursday, Nov. 21, VP Glenda Humiston shared encouraging news, including new sources of funding, response to the UC regents tours and the new report “California's Working Landscape: A Key Contributor to the State's Economic Vitality,” which shows working landscape accounts for 6.4% of the state's economy. She also answered questions from town hall participants about the budget and other issues.

John Fox, Human Resources executive director, and Nikolai Schweitzer, Staff Assembly chair, announced ANR's results of the recent UC Staff Engagement Survey of non-represented staff. Of the 222 ANR employees responding, Schweitzer said most thought we made progress in wellness, performance management and supervision. Satisfaction declined for image/brand, career development and sustainable engagement. He said Staff Assembly plans to discuss opportunities for improvement in those areas, then meet with ANR senior leadership to suggest solutions.

The results and executive summary of the survey are posted at

Fox announced that in the spring ANR will conduct a survey to gather similar information from all ANR employees, including academics.

To view the town hall recording, visit


Posted on Wednesday, November 27, 2019 at 3:23 PM

UC ANR Staff Assembly launched Healthy Meeting Best Practices

To create a culture of health and wellness at UC ANR, the Staff Assembly Wellness Committee crafted an infographic to make it easy for staff and academics to adopt healthful practices at meetings. A pdf version of the "Healthy Meeting Best Practices" may be downloaded from the Staff Assembly website and printed on demand. 

The best practices, reviewed and approved by Lorrene Ritchie, director of UCANR's Nutrition Policy Institute, are based on the comprehensive UC Living Well Healthy Meeting and Event Guide, which is also available for download on the Staff Assembly website.

In short, the wellness committee is encouraging all meeting planners to

o   incorporate movement in the meeting agenda

o   serve water – preferably from the tap in reusable pitchers

o   focus on fruits, veggies and whole grains if meals or refreshments are provided

o   cut back on the use of disposable items (like plastic cups and cutlery)

To get the guidelines into everybody's hands, the committee has printed the best practices on cleaning cloths – the kind you can use for eyeglasses, your cell phone or computer monitor. Your staff assembly ambassador distributed the cloths at each UC ANR location. If you don't know who your ambassador is, check the list on the Staff Assembly website

The Wellness Committee promoted the implementation of Healthy Meeting Best Practices with a competition April 1 - 18. Pictures of healthy meeting best practices were shared on social media with the hashtag #UCANRhealthymeeting. The San Bernardino County Master Gardener program tweeted the winning picture, a mini video which showed six staff members exercising with hula hoops and tension bands. The office won a pitcher for serving infused water.

If you have questions or comments about the Healthy Meeting Best Practices or the April competition, please fill out the form on the SA Council Healthy Meeting Best Practices page

Posted on Monday, April 8, 2019 at 11:21 AM

Join the UC ANR Staff Assembly Council

Are you looking for leadership development opportunities within UC ANR? Would you like to add new skills and meet new people? Are you interested in promoting the welfare of staff? The UC ANR Staff Assembly Council is for you. 

The UC ANR Staff Assembly works to cultivate satisfied, dedicated and professional staff and promotes the interests of all staff employees. While providing a valuable service in this capacity, many members of the Council have used the exposure and experiences they gained from participation in Staff Assembly Council to advance their own careers. 

Each spring, the UC ANR Staff Assembly holds elections to fill positions on the Council. Nominations are now being sought for the following positions (self nominations are accepted and encouraged):

  • Vice chair/treasurer (two-year position)
  • Program chair
  • Vice program chair
  • Jr. CUCSA Delegate

Read more about these positions and their roles in the UC ANR Staff Assembly bylaws.

The Council meets monthly via Zoom during lunchtime. There are also annual in-person meetings for the Council and with the Staff Assembly Ambassadors. (Travel costs are covered by the SA budget.)

If you're not ready to commit to a Council post, positions are also available on three ad-hoc committees:

  • Scholarship review committee
  • Wellness committee
  • Learning and development committee

Committees meet monthly via Zoom.

The nomination deadline is April 26.

For more information about Staff Assembly Council and the upcoming elections, contact Jeannette Warnert at (559) 240-9850, Lori Renstrom at (858) 822-7717, or Allie Stefanchich at 530-639-8807. 


Posted on Thursday, February 28, 2019 at 11:36 AM
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UC ANR Maintain Don't Gain program a success

UC ANR participated for the first time in the UC systemwide Maintain Don't Gain Challenge, closing 2018 mindful of their holiday eating habits and positioning themselves for a healthful beginning of the New Year.

In all, 144 UC academics and staff signed up for the challenge. The first 100 received an insulated grocery tote, donated by Kaiser Permanente, as an incentive. The challenge began just before Thanksgiving and ended a week into 2019. Each participant tracked his or her own weight and received support and tips from weekly emails penned by the UC ANR Staff Assembly Wellness Committee.

At the end of the program, participants were invited to complete a survey about the experience, which made them eligible to win a FitBit Alta from Kaiser and a mixer bottle, donated by HealthNet.

Joyce Hatanaka, a payroll services team leader in the UC ANR Business Operations Center at Kearney, won the Maintain Don't Gain Challenge completion prize.

Most of the 62 respondents said the challenge entered their minds when faced with an array of holiday goodies. Fifty-two respondents reported that they maintained their weight or lost weight during the holiday season. 

"This was a fun competition in our office! We all held each other accountable," wrote one respondent on the completion survey.

Wrote another respondent, "It was fun. Part of what helped me keep my goals was imagining that other people were also taking part in the challenge. I lost about 6 pounds during this event adding more steps to my daily activities and eating smaller portions and healthier choices. I look forward to continue losing weight now. :)"

UC Walks coming on May 1

The UC ANR Wellness Committee is now making plans for UC Walks 2019, which takes place on May 1. Contact your local Staff Assembly Ambassador to sign up to participate and get a free t-shirt. Find your ambassador at this link: If your location doesn't have an ambassador, you can volunteer to coordinate UC Walks at your site. Just email

Posted on Monday, January 28, 2019 at 2:01 PM
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Sign up for the 2018 Maintain Don't Gain Challenge

For the first time, all UC ANR staff are invited to take the UC Maintain Don't Gain Challenge during the holiday season. The challenge, brought to you by the UC ANR Staff Assembly wellness committee, runs from Nov. 19 to Jan. 7.

The average American gains 1 to 5 pounds over the holidays and over time, the weight can add up. Don't wait for New Year's resolutions. Give yourself the gift of maintaining your pre-holiday weight. Join your UC ANR colleagues to take the Maintain Don't Gain Challenge.

Incentives and prizes make participation fun. And don't worry, there are no weigh-ins!

The first 100 UC ANR staff to sign up for the Maintain Don't Gain Challenge will receive an insulated grocery tote. Those who complete a brief survey (with no 'results' info) after the challenge will be entered to win a FitBit Alta.

You will receive weekly emails with hints and strategies for adopting healthy behaviors throughout the holidays. The program will provide tips and support for improving nutrition, physical activity and mental/emotional well-being.

To register, click here and complete the survey.

The Staff Assembly Ambassador for the Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Emily Casado, shows the insulated bag that the first 100 registrants to the UC ANR Maintain Don't Gain Challenge will receive.
Posted on Monday, October 29, 2018 at 10:45 AM
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