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Register for new administrative academic and staff orientation

UC ANR employees – academics and staff – who have not participated in an administrative orientation in the past should register for the UC ANR Administrative Orientation for New Employees.

Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018

10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

UC ANR Building, 2801 Second St., Davis, CA 95618

Register now at

Come to be welcomed and

  • Learn about ANR's vision and mission
  • Learn about ANR structure and individual programs and units
  • Interact with ANR leadership and directors
  • Meet and network with new colleagues from around the state
  • Get answers to burning questions about health benefits, AggieTravel and more

 Priority will be given to those hired by ANR within the past year. 

Participants of UC Conference 2018 from left: Ricardo Vela, Jaci Westbrook, Glenda Humiston, Javier Miramontes, Leah Sourbeer, Russell Hill, Maria Fernandez.

UC People Conference is highly recommended

ANR academic and staff employees returned energized from the second annual systemwide UC People Management Conference. Their participation was sponsored by ANR Learning & Development funds. Here is what a few of them shared about their experience:

Russell Hill, 4-H Youth Development Program advisor, UCCE Merced:          

"This systemwide People Management Conference exceeded my expectations. With opportunities to participate in workshops, listen to panel discussions, and listen to keynote speakers who all tied in what it is to be a people manager and how to improve our skills, I HIGHLY recommend others attend."

Leah Sourbeer, Community Nutrition Program supervisor, UCCE Contra Costa:

"I appreciated the positive perspectives presented by the inspiring speakers. Topics such as creating a positive culture, using emotional intelligence in management, bringing out the best in staff, and how to lead staff in career development were some of the things that most resonated with me. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend and would love the chance to attend again in the future."

Javier Miramontes, Community Nutrition Program supervisor, UCCE Fresno:

"The UC people management conference was a great experience to learn from colleagues throughout the UC system about their knowledge, resources and skills they incorporate into their management style. I was able to attend workshops that focused on empowering and growing as a leader and using emotional intelligence and mindfulness to create a positive work culture that will in turn promote staff productivity."

Maria Fernandez, Database Administrator, Development Services:

"The conference was great, and I am grateful to have been able to attend. The theme was Culture Change: Grow – Empower – Lead. The keynote speakers were amazing – Robert Richman from spoke about culture hacking and Vincent Martinez spoke about shape culture: accelerate change. Our own Glenda Humiston, along with UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ and Alexander Bustamante of UCOP were all interviewed in a leadership huddle. There were several breakout sessions to choose from, everything from 'Practicing Mindfulness in the Work Place' to 'Lean Six Sigma Can Drive Results and Change Culture.' I would highly recommend the conference to anyone who has completed the training!"

Interested in applying for the 2019 conference funds? To find out how, read the next article.   

The best people managers develop their employees and themselves

Being an effective and professional people manager takes many skills and considerable development. The best people managers develop both their employees and themselves.

One of the ways ANR people managers have been developing themselves is by completing UC People Management Series Certificate modules and participating in monthly facilitated networking calls to review what they've learned, ask other supervisors for advice and share successes. Participants enjoy scenario-based role-playing, a fun and challenging group assignment, and networking.

Kendra Lewis
Kendra Lewis, academic evaluation coordinator for the 4-H YDP, who participated in this year's cohort, says:

“This series of courses has been such a valuable experience for me, not only as a supervisor, but as an ANR employee as well. It has taught me new approaches for supervising and given myself and my employee new ways to better support their work. I have even used some of the approaches in my own work as an employee. This series has also connected me with others in ANR outside of my unit or usual contacts. It has been a great experience to meet people in ANR that I have never worked with before, and now they will be a familiar face to me at ANR events! I've enjoyed the conversations and problem-solving that we engaged in as a group. I think every supervisor should take this series, even if you are only the supervisor of one (like me!).”

A new cohort will form in January 2019. If you are interested, please fill out this survey. Supervisors who complete the series will be eligible to apply for the 2019 systemwide UC People Conference and preference will be given to networking cohort participants. 

Calm your nerves before a big presentation

You're about to give a big presentation. It's an important topic and your audience is a group of stakeholders. You prepared and practiced. Are you still feeling a bit nervous? Yes? It's natural. 

Learn some helpful hints in the LinkedIn blog post below, noting that all the courses listed in this post are also available to you in your account.

How to Calm Your Nerves Before A Big Presentation.

WebANR Café Thursday

Join us on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018, at noon for our next WebANR.

Development Services - Call us first!
Learn with members of ANR's Development Services - Fundraising 101 - best practices for interacting with donors and partnering with Development Services.
(646) 558-8656 or (669) 900-6833
Webinar ID: 963 167 636

This webinar will be recorded and linked to the Café Thursday WebANR page.

UC managing implicit bias

Increase your awareness of implicit bias and how you can help reduce its impact at the university. The series reinforces the UC diversity,equity and inclusion values that enable UC ANR to attract and retain a top talent workforce. It further supports UC ANR's commitment to developing effective leaders and managers of people. It is intended to supplement existing location programs and resources. 

You can access these eCourses in the UC Learning Center.

What is Implicit Bias? (28 min.)

The Impact of Implicit Bias (28 min.)

Common Forms of Bias (21 min.)

Managing Implicit Bias in the Hiring Process (23 min.)

Managing the Influence of Implicit Bias: Awareness (24 min.)

Managing the Influence of Implicit Bias: Mindfulness and Conscious Debiasing (24 min.)

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