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Strategic Initiative Brief: Virtual lessons learned


The Strategic Initiatives offer a home for strategic thought, drawing on members of the wider UC ANR community and beyond to 1) help people connect and 2) to help them identify and address issues of current and emerging importance. 

1. Virtual lessons learned: Capturing the positives from COVID 

When shelter-in-place orders were issued, many ANR people quickly pivoted their programs, successfully using a range of virtual options to deliver them. A recent example was the Dairy Program Team, who creatively delivered their webinar series; speakers developed their messages as five-minute videos. These videos focused on major points and were then used as the introduction for panel discussions and Q&A. Feedback on the sessions was very positive (including an observation from a facilitator who noted that for the first time they didn't have to worry about speakers going over time!). 

See the Virtual delivery page on our Learning and Development site for tips on how to better deliver virtually.

4-H and other programs developed resources for virtual program delivery.

The way of the future? Many people have indicated they will continue to use many of the virtual delivery methods, noting they often ended up reaching more people than with their traditional approaches. Please visit the site and share new lessons learned to help your colleagues.  

2. Reach - the Integrated Web Platform. Have you registered your site?  

Make sure your site is registered for the Integrated Web Platform (IWP). Register here:

Why register your web site? UC ANR has hundreds of sites that are inactive or rarely active. We want the best and most "alive" material to be part of the IWP. By registering your site, you will increase the discoverability of your materials.  

What will the new interface look like? Check it out here. Feedback welcome. Learn more here.

For more on the SIs and their activities, contact:

Jim Farrar: Pests (EIPD)

OPEN: Natural Ecosystems (SNE) (Let us know if you are interested in making sure SNE has a voice)

David Lewis: (Water)

Deanne Meyer: Food Systems (SFS)

Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty: Families and Communities (HFC)

Mark Bell: Vice Provost (Strategic Initiatives and Statewide Programs)

Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 6:53 PM
  • Author: Mark Bell

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