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License renewed for Qualtrics online survey software

ANR is renewing the Qualtrics license for another three years. The 2015 pilot year was successful, resulting in more than 60 new accounts or accounts transferred from other university accounts, said Kit Alviz, Program Planning & Evaluation analyst. Surveys have been created for research, administrative, needs assessment and program evaluation purposes.

Unique Qualtrics features include the ability to create mailing lists and schedule individualized invitations and reminders, create display/skip logic so that questionnaires can be tailored to each participant and utilize Qualtrics' many options for response types and scales.

To register for a Qualtrics account, ANR staff and academics can complete this survey. For more information about ANR's Qualtrics account, please visit

ANR has purchased the Offline Surveys feature, which will allow Qualtrics users to download surveys to smartphones and tablets for offline data collection. Learn more about the Offline Surveys feature by clicking on this link.

Technical assistance will continue to be provided by Qualtrics at (800) 340-9194 or Qualtrics has online trainings and tutorials that you can take at your convenience.

  • Visit Qualtrics' Getting Started website to “Learn Qualtrics in 5 Steps” via five short, recorded webinars
  • Their Support website lists even more training offerings, including weekly live webinars and recorded sessions.



Posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at 4:26 PM

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