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ANR’s 2016 Federal Report Snapshot is available for viewing

A snapshot of UC ANR's Federal Report highlights is available online at

The snapshot highlights several dozen examples of research and extension occurring in each Strategic Initiative and in the field of sustainable energy. The Federal Report Snapshot can be used as a tool by anyone in ANR or shared with stakeholders and potential donors to better understand the breadth of projects and range of impacts that occur throughout ANR in a given year. 

Each spring the UC ANR Office of Program Planning and Evaluation compiles and submits a report to our federal funding partner, USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). 

In June, NIFA approved UC ANR's 2016 report. The report captures the annual activities, outputs and outcomes that occur throughout ANR on campuses, in counties and at the research and extension centers. 

Information for the report comes from submissions entered in REEport, DANRIS-X and UC Delivers, which includes those from ANR competitive grant final reports. Content experts identify the most significant research highlights and write the program area narrative summaries. This year, we can thank Chris Greer, Cheryl Wilen, Keith Nathaniel, John Harper, Doug Parker and Jeff Dahlberg for serving as content experts.

Because the report is thorough and lengthy, Program Planning and Evaluation has created this condensed snapshot, which is drafted with input and support from the Strategic Initiative Leaders and Communications Services.

The full 2016 federal report is available at

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  • Author: Jennifer Caron-Sale

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