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UCCE Tulare County wins Healthy Snack Day contest

UC Cooperative Extension in Tulare County won first place in the UC ANR Staff Assembly Wellness Committee's contest on Healthy Snack Day, Aug. 29. All UC ANR facilities were invited to hold Healthy Snack Day activities and submit one photo.

Tulare County staff creatively submitted a photo collage to tell a story about their Healthy Snack Day activities. Before Healthy Snack Day, the staff appear fatigued and lethargic; afterward, the staff are all smiles and enthusiasm. The Tulare County office won a water dispenser/infuser to serve healthy and appealing beverages. 

UC Cooperative Extension, Tulare County

Second place went to UC Cooperative Extension in San Diego County, where the staff took the opportunity on Healthy Snack Day to "play with their food." Cut-up fresh fruit and vegetables were fashioned into elaborate artwork and sculptures.

UC Cooperative Extension, San Diego County

The UC Lindcove Research and Extension Center came in third with a collage and food art, plus plenty of fruit and vegetables.

UC Lindcove Research and Extension Center

Healthy Snack Day was the first event sponsored by the UC ANR Staff Assembly Wellness Committee, which is dedicated to supporting and improving the health, well-being and quality of life of ANR employees. The committee promotes initiatives and programs that foster healthy workplace environments, empower employees to adopt healthy habits, and strengthen our sense of community.

In all, eight UC ANR facilities entered pictures in the contest. They are shown below.

UC ANR Second Street Building, Davis
UC Cooperative Extension, Capitol Corridor MCP
UC Cooperative Extension, Placer and Nevada counties
UC Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center

UC Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center
UC Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center

Posted on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 11:51 AM

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