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CalNat accomplishments recognized in five-year review

The UC California Naturalist program successfully completed its first UC ANR five-year statewide program review. Associate Vice President Powers and I extend a thank you to the ad-hoc committee for their time commitment and thoroughness in examining the program and providing recommendations to UC ANR's Program Council. The time Adina Merenlender, California Naturalist director, and Greg Ira, program coordinator, spent providing detailed information on all aspects of the program is also greatly appreciated. Last, but not least, a big thank you to all the UC California Naturalists, instructors and partners who submitted feedback during the review.

We recognize the program's accomplishments in their first five years – development of a new education and service program, creation of a network of more than 47 statewide partner institutions, and training over 2,600 Certified California Naturalists who have contributed over 140,000 hours of volunteer service (as of June 2018) – promoting the stewardship of California's natural resources.

To guide the program into the future, below is a summary of the direction and next steps for the California Naturalist Program:

1. Until recommendations in #2 below are addressed, roll out Climate Stewards as a continuing education opportunity within the UC California Naturalist program.

2. Revisit the current models that are being used to deliver the California Naturalist curriculum to consider an expansion in on-line instruction, post-course community engagement, and new UC ANR tools for program evaluation.

3. Continue efforts in equity, diversity and inclusion to increase the program's reach to new and underserved clientele; and focus the next needs assessment on the course participants since the first assessment was focused on partner organizations and instructors.

4. Develop a method to systematically collect success stories that are aligned with the UC ANR public value statements and metrics to illustrate contribution to UC ANR condition changes.

5. Add members to the Program Advisory Council who are external to UC ANR.

I look forward to working with the California Naturalist Program as it pursues these and other opportunities that may arise. In particular, I hope to explore how to incorporate more community and citizen science activities and expand collaboration with other UC ANR programs.  Best wishes for the ongoing success and growth of the California Naturalist Program!

Glenda Humiston
Vice President



Posted on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 11:08 AM

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