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People work better when they are part of a supportive team. With people scattered across 57 counties, six campuses, and nine research and extension centers, connecting people across UC ANR can be tough.

Our UC ANR Jigsaw consists of 50+ workgroups (formal and informal), 18 (active) Program Teams and five Strategic Initiatives (SI), which all have a role to play in helping us connect and communicate.

Recent SI efforts have focused on identifying which of our groups are active and the lessons for successful connecting.

The SI leaders organized a pair of webinars to engage with Program Team leaders. They used the webinar discussion to highlight ongoing efforts, clarify opportunities, build connections and improve communication. A recording of the Oct. 8 webinar led by Water SI leader David Lewis can be viewed at

If you only do one thing: If you aren't connected as well as you would like, visit this page and contact a leader from one of the Work Groups, Program Teams or an SI leader.

And if you do two more things:  Provide input here on our current Program Team themes and share your ideas to help us unify, communicate and advocate here.

To read about  other connecting and communicating activities being developed by the SIs to promote the work of UC ANR, see the September SI Brief.

For more information, contact your SI leadership team: 

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