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Learning & Development: Academic advancement, Crucial Conversations, Mastering Communication, Mitigate Bias

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Forward, Together - Fall Webinar Series (UC Davis)
Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2020
Wednesday Dec. 3, 2020
Noon – 1 p.m.

These are the last two of this free webinar series and will focus on providing positive support, tools and resources as we continue moving forward, together. Attend any or all sessions in the series, presented by our subject matter experts from various departments across the organization. All 12 noon-1 p.m. Please register in advance. 

Q&A webinars for the 2021 ANR Academic Advancement Process
Friday, Dec. 4, 2020
1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Friday, Jan. 8, 2020
3 p.m.-4:30 p.m

Join Associate VP Wendy Powers, Vice Provosts Mark Lagrimini and Mark Bell, Academic HR, Program Planning & Evaluation, and the Academic Assembly personnel committee to review and ask questions about the 2021 ANR academic advancement process, including: (a) assembling your program review dossier and presenting your efforts, impacts, and accomplishments; (b) steps in the process including letters of evaluation, ad hocs, and peer review committee; or (c) any other items in the 2021 Guidelines for Preparing the Thematic Program Review Dossier for UC ANR Academics  (aka “eBook”). Two opportunities are available: 

Free webinar date: Path to Peace (VitalSmarts®)
Tuesday, Dec. 8
8 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Speakers: Joseph Grenny (co-author of Crucial Conversations), Brittney Maxfield, and Justin Hale
Register Here

At the close of a challenging year and on the heels of divisive elections, civil strife, stressful work changes, pandemic-related conflict, and much more, who wouldn't love a return to civility, respect and kindness in 2021? But is it even possible? The truth is, as a society, we have lost sight of some basic tools for maintaining civility. We are all responsible for where we are, which means we can all make changes that will lead to a different 2021.

We published Crucial Conversations in 2001, nearly 20 years ago. The skills were foundational then and have only grown more relevant. We continually hear from readers and clients about their desire to see these skills permeate our culture—to be taught in schools, shared in the halls of congress, and mandatory in new employee orientations. And we stand by the premise that if people could practice these skills consistently, our social media forums, workplaces, communities, and homes would be stronger, safer, healthier and happier. Peace on earth truly starts with respectful dialogue.

Join us online where we will share six powerful crucial conversation skills that if routinely practiced, can restore civility and respect and lead to greater peace and happiness in the coming year. You'll learn:

  • How to engage respectfully online
  • How to respond to hostility and anger
  • How to find common ground with just about anyone

Measure your social media outreach 
UC ANR Communicators meet regularly to network, learn and share best practices. At the October meeting, UC Davis director of Social Media, Sallie Poggi, self-described data nerd, provided an overview of options for collecting and comparing social media metrics. She described what to measure, how to measure and how to apply it to your social media outreach to maximize your impact.

Since many people in UC ANR are regular social media users, we would like to share the recorded webinar Sallie presented. The webinar is on the UC ANR YouTube channel here: Click here to download the presentation deck (pdf). For additional information, please email Jeannette Warnert at
Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

Microagressions: Towards Greater Awareness and Understanding (UC Davis)
Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021
1 p.m. – 4 p.m. or
Tuesday, April 13, 2021
1 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Register here. If seats are filled, select “Express Interest” and you may be added if a spot comes free.

Our socialization includes conditioning in how we understand differences and our identities and how those identities are understood and experienced at the individual and structural levels. Using the work of Derald Wing Sue, this session explores the phenomenon of microaggressions in everyday life by increasing awareness of common occurrences; understanding its impact on those who experience them; and exploring strategies on how to mitigate and respond to them.

This course is developed by the Office of Campus Community Relations (OCCR) as a part of its Diversity Education Program, and is offered in partnership with Staff Development and Professional Services (SDPS).

UC ANR Mastering Communication Series Certificate: Part I (UC ANR)
Wednesdays - Jan. 27, Feb. 10, and Feb. 24, 2021
2 p.m.-3 p.m.
Register here (Must attend each class in the series)

Be one of the first!
UC ANR Learning & Development is starting its first Certificate Cohort with a focus on communication. Join in to earn Part I of the “Mastering Communication” and “Building Success” Series. Be one of the first to attend three 1-hour sessions spread over 6 weeks.

The goal of our work is to positively impact communities. Facilitating such change in part, requires effective communication skills. Building such communication competency means sharpening skills in several topic areas such as verbal and written communication, application of technology, educational programming, and interpersonal skills.

What's required? 1). Do the online presentation and quiz for each of the three modules. 2). Develop a brief capstone for each session and 3). participate in three 1-hour learning session to share capstone ideas, receive feedback on yours and provide feedback to others.

Audience: All those wanting to improve their educational communication skills

Part 1. Communication Planning for Success (see the other three parts – below)

Session 1: Planning Your Communication Strategy - based on Online course, handout, Quiz and a Skill Development summary. Each participant will share their communication strategy with colleagues. Cohort colleagues will provide feedback. Skill Development summary

Session 2: Adult Learning Principles - based on online courseQuizexercise sheet, video (4:39 min), Fact sheet, Creating good learning objectives, Skill Development summary. Each participant will share with colleagues their plans and the tools they will incorporate for developing an Adult Learning event. Cohort colleagues will provide feedback. Skill Development summary.

Session 3: Methods to Engage an Audience online course (UC ANR); Fact sheet (UC ANR). Each participant will share with provide a mini-presentation that demonstrates use of engagement techniques. Cohort colleagues will provide feedback. Skill Development summary.

Complete all three above sessions to receive the Part I “Communication Planning for Success” certificate. Once you complete the entire series (Parts 1-4) you will receive the “UC ANR Mastering Communication Series Certificate.” Registration for Parts 2, 3, and 4 will open in February 2021.

Series Parts (Additional future Certificate elements):
Certificate I - Communication Planning for Success:Communication Planning Strategy, Adult Learning Principles, Methods to Engage an Audience
Certificate 2 – Communication: “Looking Out, Looking In”: “Looking Out”: Presentation Skills, PowerPoint skills “Looking In”: writing better Emails
Certificate 3 – Communication: Virtual Delivery – Choose 2 electives, Bridging the Digital divide, Online courses, Podcasts, Social media, Video, Webinar
Certificate 4 – Communicating Science- Written Materials, Fact sheet, Newsletters - Working with the media

Do all four certificates and get the “UC ANR Master Communication” certificate. Comments and feedback welcome; email

Unconscious Conscious: Understanding and mitigating bias (UC Davis)
Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021, 9 a.m. –12 p.m.; April 29, 2021; 1 p.m.–4 p.m.
Register here. If seats are filled select “Express Interest” and you may be added if a spot comes free.

Participants will be introduced to theory and language in understanding implicit and explicit bias. Using personal reflection, experiential exercises and case studies, participants will gain greater awareness when they engage in bias and gain essential knowledge and skills (tools) in how they recognize and mitigate biases in both personal and professional domains.

2021 Impact Collaborative Events: Registration open now for eXtension members! (
eXtension Foundation is pleased to announce open registration for several 2021 events in our Impact Collaborative program. This includes registrations for the Innovation Skill-Building Experience and the Impact Collaborative Innovation Facilitator Training.

These events are for everyone inside eXtension Foundation member institutions. The eXtension Foundation invites all members to participate in the Impact Collaborative program to build skills in innovation, hone project & program development, and leverage national resources that the Impact Collaborative program provides to our members.

eXtension Foundation members can click the links below to access event registration pages. Members can also find a list of events on the home page of, on the Learn Calendar in Connect Extension, or in the Impact Collaborative Subgroup in Connect Extension.

Innovation Skill-Building Experience (ISBE)

Impact Collaborative Innovation Facilitator Training

Impact Collaborative Summit

Additionally, eXtension Foundation members will have the opportunity to participate in 50-60 other offerings next year made available through our Impact Collaborative program. In 2020, more than 5,000 Cooperative Extension professionals leveraged eXtension's member offerings on topics that were responsive to the needs of the system including remote work, digital engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion, and more.

2021 offerings will include learnings around leadership development, technology and social media, health and other customized events created by request from anyone from our member institutions to meet the evolving needs of Cooperative Extension. For suggestions or inquiries on member offerings, please contact

2021 membership is required to participate in the Impact Collaborative program. For membership inquiries, please contact For assistance with registration, please contact

Culturally Inclusive Language (UC Davis)
Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Register here.

Eric Sanchez, Mikael Villalobos

This course will explore how our day-to-day communication can create a climate of equality and goodwill and can help to improve the quality of our work relationships. Language plays an important role in determining how well members of our community feel respected and included. It is important to choose what we say, whether that be verbally, nonverbally or over email, to ensure that we are communicating mutual respect and understanding for the diverse perspectives and backgrounds in our community. 

Conducting Culturally Inclusive Trainings (UC Davis)
Thursday, May 13, 2021
1 p.m.–4:30 p.m.
Register here.

Eric Sanchez, Mikael Villalobos

Developing training programs that engage participants of varied cultural backgrounds, abilities, learning styles, reading levels, and other differences requires thoughtful attention to training design and delivery. The instructor will model culturally respectful training and provide valuable tools that novice and expert trainers alike can use.

Building Resilience (LinkedIn Learning)
Course Link (34:00)

Have trouble getting by when the going gets tough? Everyone wants to perform well when the pressure's on, but a lot of us withdraw in times of stress or adversity. If you can build your resilience, you'll have an easier time facing new challenges and earn a valuable skill to offer employers. In this course, Kelley School of Business professor and professional communications coach Tatiana Kolovou explains how to bounce back from difficult situations, by building your "resiliency threshold." Click to read more. Want a LinkedIn Learning Account? Contact

Working from Home: Strategies for Success (LinkedIn Learning)
Course link (42:00)

Melinda Emerson, aka the Small Biz Lady, shares practical advice for making the transition to a remote job smooth. Get tips for dynamic scheduling and collaboration, healthy ideas for staying focused, and apps and tools to maximize success. Melinda also coaches you on how to set realistic expectations and goals, so you don't get burned out or overwhelmed. Plus, learn proven strategies for working from home with kids and working from home as a manager. Click to read more.

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