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Strategic Initiative Brief: Crystal ball, SNE leader, webinars


The Strategic Initiatives offer a home for strategic thought, drawing on members of the wider UC ANR community and beyond to identify and address issues of current and emerging importance. 

1. Major Initiative Themes - Summary of Progress

The SI leaders have been pursuing topics of importance for the future of UC ANR. Drawing on the crystal ball paper, the SIs are linking to ongoing efforts and leaders within our UC ANR community to create spaces for conversation and explore opportunities. 

Existing 2 page concept notes are now available on the SI site. These papers are being used to work with interested partners to pursue funding. 

Fire: Concept Note Fire Advisors Network (draft). Kudos to Yana Valachovic and others for their work on this concept paper.

Food systems: Concept Note Food systems (draft). Concepts here are emerging in part from the Food Systems Spotlight Webinar series led by Deanne Meyer and Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty.

Urban extension/DEI: Concept Note Building California's Urban Community (draft). This and associated initiatives are benefiting from input by Keith Nathaniel and Frank McPherson.

Extension of the future: Concept Note Building California's Urban Community (draft) and Concept note working cross state and cross institute (draft). These are the latest as discussion evolves on opportunities to grow our presence throughout the state and across state lines. 

Feedback and suggestions welcome! 

2. Sustainable Natural Ecosystems SI Leader position opening

Want to make a difference at the policy level? Check out the opportunity as the Sustainable Natural Ecosystems Strategic Initiative leader.  

In transitioning the leadership, many thanks to David Lile for his commitment to our Sustainable Natural Resources work. David was the Strategic Initiative leader for 3 years.

3. Strategic Initiative Spotlight Webinar Series Continues Strong

3.1 Building Resilient Food System

The food systems series being coordinated by the Healthy Families and Communities and Sustainable Food Systems Strategic Initiatives continues to explore how to re-imagine our food systems. Sign up below and join us for the remaining webinars on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month to continue the discussion. Please let us know if you're interested in providing leadership or participating in a webinar for this series.

Contacts: Deanne Meyer (SFS SI leader) and Lynn Schmitt McQuitty (HFC SI leader). 

Visit the Spotlight webinars page to see recordings. 

3.2. Our virtual reach continues to grow. 

SI partial funding support for webinars: The SIs are offering partial webinar support (up to $200) for webinars on topics consistent with the major SI strategic themes. Learn more here

Ever wondered about adult learning principles and how they can help you in your job? Learn more here.

Other resources: 

Comments/feedback welcome

All these materials have been developed with input from many, many colleagues. Please let us know what skills or tips you found useful and what more you'd like to learn. 

4. In the pipeline

In the discussion pipeline, we have

  • Remaining relevant; Extension of the future. How do we meet the needs of all Californians? How do we address urban and DEI needs? What could postpandemic tertiary education look like? What could be the role of UC ANR (re: working with community colleges, CSUs, UCs, internships …)? What other Funding & Incomes models are there?
  • Disaster response. How to contribute and position ourselves for broader impact, recognizing the tremendous progress made by the Fire group
  • Engaging Program Teams and the wider body of UC ANR

For more on the SIs and their activities, contact

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