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L&D: Lessons from the pandemic, Activiti, Principles of Community, Leadership in the City

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Virtual Summer School with National Association of Extension Programs (NAEPSDP)
Moving Extension Forward: 
July 12 - 16
Noon – 1 p.m. (PDT)

Click here to register.

All Extension professionals are invited to join us for this informative webinar series on where Extension goes from here. We will examine how Extension was able to respond to the challenges posed during the pandemic and how we will take those lessons and strategies into the future. *All session recordings will be housed on the NAEPSDP Webinar Archives Page at

Engaging Your Community to Strengthen Farm and Farm Family Risk and Resilience Interactive Workshop
July 12 and 26, 2021
11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
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The second of three professional development workshops available for Extension professionals on Engaging Strategically to Build Farm and Family Resilience. In these workshops, you and your team will increase your understanding of how to integrate theory-based risk and resilience concepts into programming, develop confidence to engage community members in building resilience of farms and farm families, and create a plan of action for incorporating risk and resilience and community engagement. Offered by the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension and University of Maryland Extension, supported by the Extension Foundation through a USDA-NIFA New Technologies in Agriculture Extension grant.

During this session you will:

  • Learn how to frame problems inclusively,
  • Identify strategies to make impact at multiple levels (individual, family, community),
  • Learn strategies for collaborative engagement and
  • Walk away with a draft of the Farm and Farm Family Risk and Resiliency Planning Worksheet that will outline your collaborative solutions that will create change.

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Innovation Skill-Building Experience (Q3, Session 1)
July 20, 2021, (and July 27, Aug. 3, Aug. 10)

ANR is a member of eXtension. For individuals to participate in Extension Foundation events, please register here.

Do you have a project idea that needs incubation, innovation and ways to get to implementation and impact faster? Are you looking to learn about design thinking and lean experimentation combined with Cooperative Extension's best practices for solving important community issues? Are you interested in becoming an Innovation Facilitator/Coach for future Impact Collaborative events and to support your institution's teams and teams across the nation? Are you already an Innovation Facilitator or a team member who would like a refresher on the Innovation Skill-Building process? If you answered yes, to any of these questions then join us to explore the Impact Collaborative's Innovation Skill-building experience in a whole new way: The ISBE will meet via Zoom for four sessions covering specific ISBE building blocks to spark ideas, increase innovation, and turbocharge implementation to ultimately create local impact. Click here to read more.

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Using our new ANR program activities to route our C&G Forms “800“ and Advance Account Request
Wednesday, July 28, 2021
9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Introduction and training on the new Activiti system. Kathleen Nolan and Kendra Rose will go through the program and show how to use it for the C&G Form 800 and the C&G Form Advanced Account Request.  

Password: 4Learning | +1 669 900 6833 | Webinar ID: 751 701 428


Inclusive Instructional Design (LinkedIn Learning)
Click here for course.
Does the training you create really reflect your audience? Have you considered someone's geographical location, learning preference, or accommodation needs? These types of questions should be core to the instructional design process. In this course, learn how to make sure your training is inclusive by considering everything from your graphics to the subject matter experts (SMEs) you select. Request your LinkedIn Learning account by contacting ANR It at

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resource at UC Davis
To learn more about your part in DEI practice and developing an inclusive and equitable ANR and community, refer to the learning resources on the UC Davis DEI page here.


Giving Life to the ANR Principles of Community
Thursday, July 15, 2021
Noon-12:30 pm

Join your colleagues to brainstorm the behaviors that breathe life into our ANR Principles of Community.

It will be a fun collaborative session. We'll use a 15-minute breakout session and a collaborative platform tool to share the behaviors we have done or should do to embrace these principles.

  • Ensure open communication
  • Work together to achieve common goals and mutual understandings
  • Value the contribution and worth of all members
  • Appreciate and celebrate differences and diversity
  • Foster a sense of belonging and emotional safety
  • Practice mutual respect
  • Demonstrate ethics and integrity
  • Invest in all members
  • Recognize that all members are important

The second half we will review the board and discuss. Then these behaviors will be conveyed into a document that we can use for future discussions. --> And if you're inspired by this WebANR, perhaps you'd like to contribute to an ANR Principles of Community video montage. More on that to come!

Zoom Meeting (not Webinar):
Meeting ID: 530 750 1239 Phone +1 669 900 6833 US
Password: 4Collab

Leadership in the City
Click for more information and registration details.
Leadership in the City is a professional development program for Extension professionals working in urban areas who aim to be locally relevant, responsive statewide, and recognized nationally. 

In the first four years of the program, 103 Extension professionals from 31 states have participated. Here's what some of your peers had to say:

  • “Thought-provoking and a good way to learn about what others are working on across the country.”
  • “The course went beyond giving content, to encouraging critical thinking and application.”
  • “Completing the course has pushed me to explore my inner self to look deep into how I can be a better leader and how to be a more inclusive leader.”
  • “I appreciated the vast number of resources that were shared. A great investment.”

This online professional development program will help you learn about leadership, networks, innovation, marketing, management and more. The program is based on a foundation of entrepreneurial theory and urban Extension practice and will build upon existing leadership experiences, management training, and Extension professional development.

You will learn from experienced leaders; apply what you learn in your city, region, or state; engage in critical thinking and creative problem solving; and participate in online learning. The final session of the course will be held in conjunction with the 2022 National Urban Extension Conference (May 23-26) in New Jersey.

The investment in the program is $500 plus a commitment to work hard and have fun investing approximately 8 hours per month. The five-month online course begins in January 2022. If you have multiple participants from the same institute, you are each entitled to a $100 discount (Discount code: LITC22-MULT).

This course is led by Julie Fox from the Ohio State University Extension. Course manager Michelle Gaston.

Complete details and registration can be found at The deadline for registration is Nov. 19, 2021. 

Burnout - (Part of the UC Davis Resilience Series)
July 8, 2021
12 – 1 p.m.

Click here to register.

Burnout is not a personal failing nor a badge of honor. It is an "occupational phenomenon" recently (but actually before COVID) added to the World Health Organization classification of diseases.  It is defined as a syndrome of exhaustion, cynicism and inefficacy. The tagline for the presentation is "Why are we so Exhausted?" The presentation explores the neurobiology behind our demanding new ways of working and explains that sense of depletion, negative feelings about work and increased difficulty with motivation. We explore scientific data to see why videoconferencing is so draining, the effects of (normally helpful) brain short cuts called cognitive associations and some common feelings we are seeing across the workforce today. Presenter: Sandy Batchelor, WorkLife. Click here to read more and see other dates/topics.

Self-compassion Quiz 
When you're struggling, are you your own worst critic?
Take the Berkeley Greater Good Science Center Quiz

New Employee Administrative Orientation
Tuesday & Wednesday, August 17 & 18, 2021
9 a.m. – Noon
Click here to register.

Learn about ANR Administrative Units and Statewide Programs and Institutes!

Who should attend: All UC ANR Employees (academics, staff and affiliated staff on campuses, counties and RECs) who have not participated in an administrative orientation in the past. Priority will be given to those hired by ANR within the past year. Click here to read more.

Customer Service Foundations (LinkedIn Learning)
Click here for course.

Do your customers feel valued? When they do, they keep coming back. When they don't, your business suffers. In this course, writer and customer service consultant Jeff Toister teaches you the three crucial skill sets needed to deliver outstanding customer service and increase customer loyalty. Request your LinkedIn Learning account by contacting ANR It at

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Everyone can learn something new
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