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Big Dig Day reaps $100,000 for ANR programs and projects

Hopland REC was recognized for its Big Dig Day Twitter campaign.

Together UC ANR programs raised over $100,000 across the state on June 4, Big Dig Day.

“This show of support demonstrates the impact our UC ANR colleagues are having in your communities and the value that donors place on our work,” said Emily Delk, director of annual giving and donor stewardship.

The following are the top recipients of Big Dig donations.

California Naturalists received recognition for their Big Dig Day Twitter campaign.

Top 5 Counties:

  1. Lassen County
  2. Modoc County
  3. San Luis Obispo County
  4. Sonoma County
  5. Orange County

Top 5 Statewide Programs/RECs:

  1. UC Master Gardeners
  2. California 4-H
  3. UC ANR
  4. Research and Extension Centers
  5. California Naturalists

Campaign Boosts

The first 40 groups that raised a total of $500+ received $100.

$250 went to the 4 groups with the most new donors:

  1. Los Angeles Master Gardeners
  2. Orange County Master Gardeners
  3. San Luis Obispo Master Gardeners
  4. Colusa Master Gardeners

$500 went to the first 10 groups who raised a single $500+ gift:

  1. Marin County 4-H
  2. Napa County 4-H
  3. Sonoma County 4-H
  4. Humboldt County Master Gardeners
  5. Siskiyou County 4-H
  6. Lassen County 4-H
  7. Lassen County 4-H Endowment
  8. Modoc County 4-H Endowment
  9. California Naturalists
  10. Sacramento County 4-H

1st Time Performer: Lassen County 4-H Forever Endowment

Social Media Superstar (Group): Sacramento County 4-H and Colusa Master Gardeners

Social Media Superstar (Program/REC): Hopland REC and California Naturalists

Insomniac Award: (first gift of the day) Ventura County Master Gardeners

Match Makers Award: Colusa Master Gardeners

Delk encourages everyone to stay in touch with donors. “Reach out to learn more about why they gave and how you can continue to engage them,” she said. “Strengthening your relationships is an investment in building lasting support.”

“The ANR Facebook event was our best performing content with a reach of 28,622, of which 4,639 were organic,” said Dora Garay, social media strategist. 

Find your 2021 gift reports by county and by program:

If you have any questions, please contact Tina Wikner, Systems and Data Admin,


Posted on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 10:32 AM

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