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Strategic Initiative Brief: Resources to help you be successful


The UC ANR Strategic Initiatives offer a home for strategic thought - drawing on members of the wider UC ANR community and beyond to 1) help people connect and 2) to help them identify and address issues of current and emerging importance. 

What's cooking - new resources to help you be successful

How to be successful in working across large areas (online presentation) Fact Sheet

What a good program looks like (online presentation) Fact sheet 

Feedback and suggestions welcome.

For more on the SIs and their activities, contact:

Jim Farrar: Pests (EIPD)

David Lewis: Natural Ecosystems (SNE)

OPEN: (Water) Want to apply? Fill out the brief application.

Deanne Meyer: Food Systems (SFS)

Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty: Families and Communities (HFC)

Mark Bell: Vice Provost (Strategic Initiatives and Statewide Programs)

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