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Proposals for rice chair due July 8

UC Cooperative Extension specialist and advisors working on California-grown rice research are invited to apply for the UCCE Presidential Chair for California Grown Rice. The deadline to apply is July 8.

I.        Overview

UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) established a $1 million UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE)Presidential Chair for California Grown Rice.The endowed chair will provide a UCCE scientist a dedicated source of funds to support scholarly activities focused on improvement of California rice production and quality. Half of the funds for the endowed chair were provided through a generous donation by the California Rice Research Board, the other half were provided by then UC President Janet Napolitano as matching funds.

II.       Purpose and use of chair

The chair will support research to improve California rice production and quality. The chair will be awarded by UC ANR to a distinguished UC Cooperative Extension specialist or advisor currently working in the area of California-grown rice research.The annual payout from the endowment shall be used to provide salary, graduate student and/or program support for the chair holder's work in California-grown rice. The annual payout will provide the appointed chair holder a scholarly allowance to support research on California-grown rice and extension of that research to California rice growers.

III.      Eligibility

Chairholder applicants must be a UC Cooperative Extension advisor or specialist currently working in the area of California-grown rice research.

IV.      Submission process

Chairholder applicants will submit a five-year proposed scope of work including:

o   A statement of relevance of the proposed scope of work to the improvement of California rice production and quality, as stipulated by the California Rice Research Board.

o   A work plan outlining anticipated outcomes and anticipated impacts.

o   A budget outlining how funds from the endowment payout will be utilized. The estimated annual payout is approximately $42,000.

o   Information regarding potential internal and/or external collaborators involved with the proposed work.

o   Other pertinent information that will support the proposal, including three letters of support, C.V., relevance to other work in this area, why this work is groundbreaking, etc. 

V.       Selection of the chairholder

Selection of the chair holder will be made in accordance with university and ANR policies and procedures and will follow a competitive selection process to ensure access to all eligible UC Cooperative Extension advisors and specialists systemwide. The interim Associate Vice President will appoint a review panel to evaluate Chair holder proposals and recommend an award recipient to the Vice President–UCANR. The review panel will consist of three to five members, including at least one representative selected by the California Rice Research Board. A review panel chair will be appointed to oversee the process. The committee recommendation will be given to the interim Associate Vice President who will present to the Vice President – UC ANR for final approval.

VI.      Notification process

Once selected, the chairholder recipient will receive an award letter outlining the expectations and requirements of the appointment. The Presidential Chair for California Grown Rice will be awarded for a five-year term. A competitive chair holder selection process will take place every five years. A current chair holder will be eligible to apply for a renewed five-year appointment at that time.

VII.    Program priorities and goals

For the purpose of identifying relevant issues and establishing program goals in alignment with industry needs, the chair holder shall seek the recommendations of an advisory committee (consisting of representatives from the rice industry, UC Cooperative Extension advisors, a UC Cooperative Extension specialist, and a minimum of one member of the California Rice Research Board). In the absence of an advisory committee, the chairholder shall meet with representatives of the California Rice Research Board at least annually, as well as with other stakeholders. 

VIII.   Chairholder reporting requirements

UC ANR has defined expectations for all chairholders:

  • An annual report will be submitted to the Associate Vice President to outline the work carried out and the outcomes and impacts achieved because of this work. The report should include:
  • Any significant accomplishments, challenges or revisions to the original scope of work.
  • Examples of how information was extended, and example impacts and condition changes that resulted from the work.
  • A financial report indicating how endowed payout funds were expended, demonstrating that the funds have been used in keeping with the terms of the endowed fund. If funds remain at the end of the program year, the report will include an explanation for the carryover and a plan for how those funds will be used in the new program year.
  • The report will be shared with the California Rice Research Board and UC ANR Leadership.

IX.      Timeline

  • June 1, 2023 – RFP released
  • July 8, 2023 – Proposals due to Deanne Meyer, UC ANR interim Associate Vice President, via email by 5 p.m.
  • Aug. 8, 2023 – Chairholder selection announced
  • Funding will be available shortly thereafter
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