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Building UC ANR Statistics Resources

UC ANR is working to bring you statistics resources, informed by internal needs assessments and by identifying statistics experts who are open to opportunities for consulting and collaboration within the UC ANR network. If this is you, please sign-up in this Google sheet.

We have a new section on the Learning & Development webpages focused on Statistics and Experimental Design Resources. The subpages are linked below.

Statistics Software Programs
Statistics Training & Educational Resources
Statistics Technical Support and Consulting

On the training web page you can find recordings, presentations, and exercises from our spring 2022 stats workshop series Applied Statistics for Farm Advisorswhich provided a refresh and update on statistical skills for UCCE Advisors and other UC ANR researchers. Topics include:

  • The theory and application of basic statistical tests, including ANOVA, GLMs, mixed models, and regression 
  • What to do when the normal assumptions for statistical tests have not been met 
  • Newer methods like mixed models and bootstrapping that take advantage of modern computing power (which may not have been available if you took undergraduate statistics class 25 years ago) 
  • What you need to know when designing experiments and planning data collection 
  • How to use the extremely popular and powerful statistical programming language R

Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

Graph, pie chart, bar chart - Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay
Graph, pie chart, bar chart - Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

Graph, pie chart, bar chart

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