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Become a staff advisor to the Regents, deadline extended to June 29

The deadline for applications to serve as a staff advisor to the Regents has been extended to June 29, 2018, giving you more time to apply for this critical role. 

The position is open to both non-represented and represented staff, or non-Senate academic employees, who have at least five years of UC service. You can learn more about the program and how to apply by June 29 on the staff advisor website.

George Blumenthal, chancellor at UC Santa Cruz, has seen the impact of the staff advisors to the Regents. "The staff advisor role has proven to be indispensable. The Regents want to know how policies impact employees. That's a huge challenge, requiring advisors to develop a deep understanding of the needs of a full spectrum of staff — from lecturers to dining staff. Having staff voices at the Regents' table is vital as a way of providing a staff perspective and as a reminder of the staff's importance. There's also great satisfaction in being that voice and knowing you are making a difference."

Sherry Main, assistant vice chancellor of Communications & Marketing at UC Santa Cruz, began her two-year term in 2017 and describes the role as life-changing. “There aren't many roles that allow you to learn from staff members from across the system and to engage directly with President Napolitano, members of the Board of Regents and senior campus leaders. I knew going in that this position would be a huge commitment, and I was right. But I am grateful every day for this unique opportunity to help shape decisions and policies that affect all of us.”

Staff advisors participate in open sessions and designated committees of the board of Regents, sharing the perspective of their fellow employees in UC Board of Regents deliberations and to decision-makers at the Office of the President. Staff advisors serve as non-voting members of designated Regents' committees; they attend and participate directly in committee and board meetings throughout their term of service, and visit many of the campuses to solicit input from staff.

The UC Board of Regents established the staff advisor position in 2007 in recognition of the critical importance of the staff perspective. Since 2007, staff from nine of ten campuses – and UC Davis Health, UCSD Extension and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab – have served in the role. Jason Valdry, director of technology at UC Irvine, is the outgoing staff advisor, serving alongside Main. 

If you have questions about the staff advisor position or the application process, you can contact Juliann Martinez, UC Office of the President Employee Relations, at 510-287-3331 or via email:



Posted on Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 2:10 PM

Discount available for June 26 FOOD IT at UCSF

FOOD IT: The Full Stack will be held June 26, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., at UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center and UC ANR is a sponsor.

If you missed early registration, you can get a 40 percent discount by using the code  SPECIALSAUCE at Click on the blue text Enter promotional code above the “Order Now” button.

FOOD IT: “The Full Stack” will use the tech developers' full stack model to assess the current digitization of food and agriculture, to identify areas of progress as well as near-term developments needed to overcome impasse.

Action-oriented entrepreneurs, investors and representatives from leading global food and agriculture innovation hubs will gather to explore the challenges and innovations in each layer of the stack 

The event will use four distinct elements to explore the progress of this development effort:

1. Moderated group discussions on the four layers of the stack

  • Physical layer: digitizing food/ag physical world data
  • Data layer: getting food/ag data flowing
  • App layer: doing food/ag jobs with tech
  • UI/UX layer: digitizing our interface with food

2. Food and ag tech start-ups will pitch to seasoned venture capitalists, vying to win the “Golden Blender Award.”

3. Interactive breakout sessions will give participants the opportunity to take a deep dive together for collaborative discussion of timely topics related to food, agriculture and technology.

4. At the Innovation Marketplace, innovators will demonstrate products, services and programs. UCANR will have a booth to introduce The VINE – The Verde Innovation Network for Entrepreneurship – to cultivate regional innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems in rural communities. Led by GabrielYoutsey, UCANR chief innovation officer, The VINE connects entrepreneurs with resources such as small business development centers, community colleges, UC Cooperative Extension county offices, makers labs, incubators and accelerators.

“For the fifth year, thought leaders from the food, ag and tech sectors will once again gather for this thought-provoking event,” said Rob Trice, The Mixing Bowl's founder. “Through a day of interactive engagement, we will seek to better understand the whole picture and the full stack of food and ag digitization, the challenges and some of the solutions and technologies in each part of the stack.”

UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center is located at 1675 Owens St #251, San Francisco, CA 94158. General admission is $250 before applying the SPECIALSAUCE discount code. Register at



Posted on Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 12:47 PM
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UC has mental health resources for faculty and staff

As UC Irvine's coordinator of Faculty & Staff Mental Health Care and Respondent Services, Negar Shekarabi often meets with people who know they need help, but aren't sure where to start.

“Figuring out what kind of help you need and how to get it can feel overwhelming, especially when you're in the middle of a difficult time,” Shekarabi said. “I listen, I answer questions and I help people navigate the many resources that are available to UC faculty and staff.”

To help others this Mental Health Awareness Month, Shekarabi shared answers to a few common questions.

Should I start with my location's Employee Assistance Program or my behavioral health plan?

You'll find support from either resource. Here's how they work.

Your Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (also known as an Employee or Academic and Staff Assistance Program) offers free, confidential assessment, intervention, consultation and referral services to all faculty and staff (and their immediate families) at your location. Many programs even offer convenient onsite consultations.

Regardless of your insurance coverage, you can go to your assistance program for no-cost individual counseling for a wide range of personal and work-related problems, with referrals to behavioral health plan and community resources when needed.

If you prefer, you may choose to go directly to your behavioral health plan for support. All of UC's behavioral health plans other than Core and UC Health Savings Plan cover initial outpatient visits without a copay or deductible.

Behavioral health and substance abuse coverage are provided by Anthem Blue Cross for employees and retirees enrolled in:

Behavioral health and substance abuse coverage are provided by Optum for employees and retirees enrolled in:

Kaiser members may also choose to receive behavioral health care through Kaiser.

How should I choose a provider?

Your assistance program counselor is a great resource if you need a referral to a provider in your health plan's network. He or she is familiar with providers in the area, and can talk with you about your preferences and needs.

Your behavioral health plan offers a choice between an online provider search (with options to narrow your search by gender, specialty and languages spoken) or assistance by phone from specially trained representatives.

Either way, once you've narrowed down your search, online research can help you make a decision. Many providers have websites where they explain their background and philosophy. Psychology Today offers an extensive online database with similar information.

If the first few providers you call aren't available or don't respond within a few days, call your plan for assistance. Optum, Anthem and Kaiser are committed to ensuring you receive timely support.

If I get help from UC, will my privacy be protected?

Your privacy is protected by law – whether you visit your location's assistance program or a provider through your health plan. Unless there's a clear legal need (for example, if someone's life or safety is at risk), information about your participation is never released to anyone without your written consent, and it will never appear in any departmental, central or personnel file.

“I want people to know that help is available – and it can make a big difference,” said Shekarabi. “Visit your assistance program, call your behavioral health plan, talk to your doctor – however you start, the most important thing is that you reach out for the help you need.”



Posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 5:07 PM

Learning and Development opportunities

WebANR Café Thursday

Join us on June 21 at noon for our next WebANR Café Thursday: “How Your Work Builds ANR's Public Value” (or, how we impact California).

Learn about the public value movement and how it is being embraced by Extension and research, become familiar with the UC ANR public-value statement development process, and explore practical uses for public value statements.

Speakers include

For more background on ANR public values, see ANR Public Value Statements. 

Join us at:

Take 18 minutes to get a better feedback session 

It's employee appraisal feedback season. What if an 18-minute learning module could steer you into successful feedback sessions and help you navigate through negative reactions?

Is it worth your time?

CEB Now Garter has an excellent module called Dealing with Negative Reactions to Performance FeedbackIt provides two scenarios, one to avoid and one to employ. If you have not taken advantage of CEB Now Gartner, you can register for free. ANR pays for an annual subscription for all ANR employees.

This module will help managers:

  •     Understand the types of reactions to feedback they may encounter
  •     Recognize that avoiding conflict is not the solution
  •     Prepare themselves to handle possible negative reactions effectively 

For more information on registering, just go to the Welcome page and start using this great resource!

MSAP mobilizes ANR people managers into professional development and helps MSAP assessors catch trout

From left, Christine Davidson, Shirley Salado and Emma Sandoval participated in the 2018 MSAP.

For four days, ANR supervisors Christine Davidson, EFNEP program supervisor in Riverside and San Bernardino counties; Shirley Salado, EFNEP community education supervisor in San Diego County; and Emma Sandoval, UC CalFresh program supervisor in Riverside County; shared an amazing experience at a systemwide program for UC people managers at the gorgeous retreat grounds of the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center. The goal of the Management Assessment Skills Program (MSAP) is to address skill gaps and grow competencies that will prepare employees for future leadership roles in their workplaces and within the UC system.

 shared an amazing experience at a systemwide program for UC people managers at the gorgeous retreat grounds of the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center. The goal of the Management Assessment Skills Program (MSAP) is to address skill gaps and grow competencies that will prepare employees for future leadership roles in their workplaces and within the UC system.

During the April 2018 training, Salado, Sandoval and Davidson participated in simulated UC management scenarios, received behavioral feedback from trained assessors, attended career development workshop and connected with colleagues from throughout the UC system. Before arriving at Lake Arrowhead, they participated in pre-assessment components and will be involved post-program activities to continue their professional development.

“Being a people manager is not easy and that is why it is important for supervisors to participate in evaluation,” Shirley remarked of her experience. “MSAP provided me with that evaluation. It assessed my people manager skills, highlighting my strengths and identifying areas in which I could grow. Working through the MSAP process, I found I could stretch myself because I care about my work, staff and the entire UC system. The way I will do that is by setting goals through my continued professional development as a people manager.”

Emma emphasized the value of objective feedback: “My experience at MSAP was great; it helped me be aware of the way I supervise my team. I recommend the training because it supplied me with objective feedback about my performance from a professional, which was spot on. Since I am a new supervisor, my goal is to work on leadership with my employees. This assessment program has helped me be more self-aware and given me the tools to identify areas for improvement, so I can reach my goals.” 

Christine echoed the others, saying, “MSAP was a great experience. The program gave me an opportunity to really focus on my personal development as a supervisor.  It was very encouraging to highlight my strengths and be given tools and small goals to improve weaknesses.”

Tunyalee Martin caught a trout at Lake Arrowhead after the April MSAP.
MSAP cannot take place without assessors

A big THANK YOU is in order to Tunyalee Martin, associate director for UC IPM Communications, for serving as an assessor at the April MSAP.

“My second experience as a MSAP assessor was even better than my first wonderful experience,” Martin said. “The assessees I worked with are amazingly talented and truly dedicated to their teams. They were there to learn about themselves and practice their communication and team-building skills in a safe environment. My assessees were kind enough to open up to me so that we were able to have in-depth discussions about the action plan they'd implement when they returned to their jobs. I commend my assessor partner, the assessees, and the MSAP trainers and coordinators for a job well done.”

The next MSAP will be held Oct. 8-11. Contact Jodi Azulai at if you have any questions about being an assessee or assessor.

Skills for all ANR employees can be learned on

Each week presents a new opportunity for you and your team to learn the skills necessary to take on your next big ANR challenge. provides the help to make that happen.

Each week, Lynda adds to a 12,000+ course library. Below are new courses covering everything from IT networking to Microsoft Excel to how to make a career change.

These new courses are now available on LinkedIn Learning:

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Time Management

Time Management Tips, Weekly

Managing Your Calendar for Peak Productivity

Business Software

Excel: Statistical Process Control with Curt Frye 

Microsoft Teams Essential Training with Nick Brazzi 

Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks with Nick Brazzi 

Career Development

Making a Career Change with Stacey Gordon 

Customer Service

Customer Service: Handling Abusive Customers with David Brownlee 

Education and Instructional Design

Photoshop for Teaching and Learning with Chris Mattia 

Leadership and Management

Delegating Tasks with Dorie Clark 


PowerPoint: Designing Better Slides with Heather Ackman


Learning Web Analytics with Matt Bailey 

Social Media Marketing: Social CRM with Megan Adams 


AutoCAD Civil 3D Essential Training with Josh Modglin 

Graphic Design

Design Thinking: Data Intelligence with Randall Elliott 

InDesign CC 2018 New Features with Anne-Marie Concepción 


Online Video Content Strategy with Roberto Blake

Video Script Writing with Rick Allen Lippert 

Back-end Web Development 

Advanced SQL for Data Scientists

Machine Learning & AI Foundations: Recommendations

Data Science

R Programming in Data Science: Set up and Start


Posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 9:55 AM
  • Author: Jodi Azulai

IT implements new login process May 29

On May 29, 2018, IT will be implementing a new login process, which may affect your access to services and applications.

The following information is available with screen captures at

You may have noticed a link to “UCANR Active Directory (Beta test)” on the UC ANR Portal login page. The link was a test of our effort to manage staff computing credentials which are separate from UC Davis and other campuses. We created this new process in support of UC's transition to a new personnel system called UC Path. This system is scheduled to launch for UC ANR in March 2019.

Our beta test of this new authentication service is now complete, and we are preparing to launch it. While we don't anticipate a disruption in access to critical services and applications, please review the following information to ensure you understand what we need you to do now, how you may be affected and what you can do if you encounter any difficulties.

Reset your password

To access the new UC ANR authentication service, you must reset your password in the ANR Portal first. This will set up your password on the new service so that you can login to the new authentication service. You can reset your password by clicking the “Edit Profile” link on the upper left side of your ANR Portal. From there, you will see a “Change Password” link on the left navigation. Please read the new password requirements before attempting to reset it. If you need assistance, please contact us at

Portal account

If you log into the Portal using your ANR account you will have normal access to the tools provided by ANR. This does not include access to any tools operated by UC Davis, such as Kuali Financial System or the timesheets.

UC Trust and ANR account

UC Trust is a program which allows services and applications provided by different campuses and divisions to be easily accessible. If you login with any of the UC Trust links, you will have normal access to the tools provided by ANR, just as if you used your ANR Account. However, depending on which link you use, your access to systems supported by other locations will change. For folks using UCOP, UCR and UCB links, you will get access to the Portal and any services you are authorized to receive from your locations.

For folks using the UC Davis or UC ANR links, there are key differences which are important to understand.

Logging in with UC Trust

If you have a UC Davis email address, you can use the UC Davis link will log you into the ANR Portal and UC Davis Central Authentication Service. This will grant you access to any UC Davis services and applications you are authorized to use. This includes timesheets for ANR employees who are not located at UCOP or another campus besides UC Davis. It also includes other systems like KFS, Box and Office 365 for folks with UC Davis email accounts.

Logging in with ANR account

If you have a UC ANR email address, using the UC ANR link will log you in the ANR Portal and our new authentication service. Currently, this service currently supports the following systems:

  • UC Path – services and applications required for the implementation of UC Path, as well as access to UC Path, will all use the UC ANR authentication services. More details about these services, and how they will impact ANR personnel, will be release shortly.
  • UC Recruit – this is an academic recruitment system managed by Human Resources
  • Site Improve – a new accessibility and website quality assessment tool being rolled out UC-wide. It's still in beta testing, and we will send a separate email when access is arranged for key website administrators.
  • SharePoint – ANR has an instance of SharePoint provided by UCOP. It is currently being tested with several administrative units.
  • Additional services and applications will be announced and introduced over time as well as transitions of key services currently provided by UC Davis.

If you require any assistance with resetting your password, encounter any issues logging into the different accounts, or if you have any questions or comments about the new authentication service or UC Path, please contact IT at

Thank you,

Dave Krause



Posted on Monday, May 28, 2018 at 11:24 AM
  • Author: Dave Krause
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