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New annual report shows how UC ANR is improving California life with science-based solutions

UC ANR's program planning and evaluation has compiled a 16-page 2018 annual report that provides an overview of the sweeping impacts our scientists and educators made in 2018. The impacts are felt across the state – in places where water is scarce, climate is changing farming practices, children need a little extra support to get to college, and families can use guidance to stretch their food budgets.

Of the hundreds of ways UC ANR impacts California lives and livelihoods, 40 are highlighted in the new publication, Working for the Benefit of All Californians: 2018 UC ANR Annual Report. A limited number of printed copies are available. Email to request paper copies.

UC ANR has identified public value statements that reflect the breadth of its efforts. Academics and staff are working to promote economic prosperity, safeguard sufficient safe and healthy food for all, protect the state's natural resources, promote healthy people and communities, develop a qualified workforce, build climate change resilience in communities and ecosystems, and develop an inclusive and equitable society. These values touch every person in the state.

During the period covered in the new report, robust research and education programs supported agricultural communities. For example, UC ANR scientists improved the ability to predict beet curly top virus, avoiding losses approaching $100 million in processing tomatoes. A workshop offered by UC ANR educators on low-stress livestock handling convinced all the participants to incorporate the practices on their ranches. Online and in-person workshops provided to urban farmers resulted in new food safety plans for nearly all of the growers involved.

Families, farmers and natural resource managers are facing the prospect of climate change and looking for ways to continue prospering under uncertain conditions. Increasingly ferocious wildfires are causing serious losses to ranchers. UC ANR provided information on management practices to safeguard resources, prevent soil erosion and estimate the cost of forage losses so ranch owners can prepare loss claims. UC ANR has been instrumental in development of a website,, a clearing house to collect and disseminate climate change data.

Families and youth are a focus of UC ANR nutrition research, nutrition education and programs such as 4-H and CalFresh Healthy Living, UC. One UC ANR researcher collaborated with the Karuk, Yurok and Klamath tribes to identify culturally sound solutions to reduce food insecurity. In two Northern California counties, students were introduced by UC ANR educators to 36 local produce items. Their selection, consumption and interest in the produce served at lunchtime increased. UC ANR piloted a program that gets Latinx youth outside for environmental education.

Making food safer, enriching children's lives, extending reliable nutrition education and improving the productivity on California farms and ranches add up to significant value to the recipients of the services and to all Californians by making the state a better place to live and work.

Posted on Friday, December 20, 2019 at 1:42 PM

ANR’s 2016 Federal Report Snapshot is available for viewing

A snapshot of UC ANR's Federal Report highlights is available online at

The snapshot highlights several dozen examples of research and extension occurring in each Strategic Initiative and in the field of sustainable energy. The Federal Report Snapshot can be used as a tool by anyone in ANR or shared with stakeholders and potential donors to better understand the breadth of projects and range of impacts that occur throughout ANR in a given year. 

Each spring the UC ANR Office of Program Planning and Evaluation compiles and submits a report to our federal funding partner, USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). 

In June, NIFA approved UC ANR's 2016 report. The report captures the annual activities, outputs and outcomes that occur throughout ANR on campuses, in counties and at the research and extension centers. 

Information for the report comes from submissions entered in REEport, DANRIS-X and UC Delivers, which includes those from ANR competitive grant final reports. Content experts identify the most significant research highlights and write the program area narrative summaries. This year, we can thank Chris Greer, Cheryl Wilen, Keith Nathaniel, John Harper, Doug Parker and Jeff Dahlberg for serving as content experts.

Because the report is thorough and lengthy, Program Planning and Evaluation has created this condensed snapshot, which is drafted with input and support from the Strategic Initiative Leaders and Communications Services.

The full 2016 federal report is available at

Posted on Friday, July 28, 2017 at 4:59 PM
  • Author: Jennifer Caron-Sale

UC Delivers continues under Program Planning and Evaluation

UC Delivers, a collection of stories showing how ANR is making a difference for Californians, is continuing. The one-pagers are primarily used to educate county supervisors, legislators, funders and reporters about the impact of ANR activities.

As of February 2015, Program Planning and Evaluation (PP&E) resumed coordination of the UC Delivers review process. PP&E has made some changes to the review process and online system to improve coordination between authors, editors and reviewers and to reduce the time it takes to get articles published. Kit Alviz will review content to ensure articles are written in lay language and have strong payoffs; additional content experts will be brought in to review as needed. Communication Services &Information Technology editors will ensure the article conforms to ANR's writing style and fits the UC Delivers template.

Also in the works is a redesign of the UC Delivers website in collaboration with Communication Services & Information Technology.

To submit an article to UC Delivers, go to your ANR Portal page and click on “Add a New Story” under UC Delivers.

If you have questions about UC Delivers, please contact Kit Alviz at or (510) 987-0027.

Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 8:22 AM

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