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World Ag Expo accepts applications for presenting 2021 seminars

The World Ag Expo is accepting proposals for seminars for its 2021 virtual event. The annual World Ag Expo that was scheduled to be held in Tulare Feb. 9 to 11, 2021, has been cancelled so the presentations will be delivered online.

World Ag Expo provides quality, educational content for its attendees. Since you are an expert in your field, you are invited to host a seminar to educate viewers. 

To apply, visit

Oct. 31, 2020, is the deadline for applications.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • World Ag Expo provides seminar space free to speakers, and therefore does not reimburse for fees associated with the session
  • Seminars must be educational, not a sales pitch
  • The 2021 show will be online; seminars will need to be produced in a live or pre-recorded format (ex: Zoom, MP4, YouTube, etc.)
  • Live chat will be available during the scheduled seminar session, the seminar recording and chat log will be available on-demand after the "premiere" of the session has finished
  • Seminar materials can be included for download by viewers
Posted on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 5:38 PM

UC ANR shares its programs and services at the World Ag Expo

Visitors to the UC ANR booth at the World Ag Expo were treated to citrus facts, gardening tips, nutrition advice and much more Feb. 11-13 in Tulare.

Lindcove REC director Beth Grafton-Cardwell, left, and staff research associate Stephanie Doria hand out citrus at the UC ANR booth at World Ag Expo.

On the first evening of the expo, Vice President Glenda Humiston and UC Cooperative Extension scientists hosted a reception for about 100 UC ANR partners, agriculture reporters, employees and other stakeholders to celebrate recent advancements in agricultural production, as well as future initiatives. The event was held at the UC Cooperative Extension office in Tulare County.

UC ANR vice president Glenda Humiston shares information about the value of working landscapes at the UC ANR reception.

Humiston thanked the guests for supporting UC ANR and said that research and extension relied on the cooperation of others to be successful.

Featured research included wine and beer tasting, hemp, agricultural technology, small farms and 4-H projects.

Bob Hutmacher, West Side Research and Extension Center director and UCCE specialist, gave an update on his hemp research and Konrad Mathesius, UCCE agronomy advisor for the Capitol Corridor, discussed his research on malting barley for beer.

Nick Davis, a vineyard operations manager for The Wine Group, who collaborates with George Zhuang, UCCE viticulture advisor in Fresno County, discussed their mechanization project and said his company depends on UCCE research. A member of the UC ANR climate-smart agriculture technical advisory team, Shulamit Shroder, reported on the activities of the climate-smart farming partnership with the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Three San Joaquin Valley 4-H members displayed their projects at the UC ANR reception. (Photo: Linda Forbes)

Robert Johnson of IGIS answered questions about the use of drones in agricultural research, 4-H members Emily Karle, Mia Azevedo, Levi Goodman and Emily Karle displayed their projects, and UCCE advisor Ruth Dahlquist-Willard and Michael Yang, agricultural assistant, showed some of the specialty crops grown in Fresno County.

UCCE advisor Ruth Dahlquist-Willard, left, and agricultural assistant Michael Yang.

At the UC ANR booth on the expo grounds, UCCE specialist Beth Grafton-Caldwell and the Lindcove Research and Extension Center staff handed out mandarins and told visitors about the research they do on citrus at the part of the booth that featured UC ANR research and extension centers.

UC Cooperative Extension specialist Ashraf El-Kereamy, right, helped staff the UC ANR booth, along with Stephanie Doria.

Visitors took part in an activity to match local commodities to ANR Research and Extension Centers. Those who tried won a prize.


CDFA Undersecretary Jenny Lester Moffitt visited the ANR booth and matched all the commodities to UC ANR RECS.


Nutrition, family and consumer sciences advisor Hawau Bojuwon, left, and community educator Beatriz-Rojas, both of Kern County, staffed the ANR booth on the final day of the show.

Over the three days, EFNEP and CalFresh Healthy Living educators from Fresno, Tulare and Kern counties quizzed booth visitors about nutrition. Tulare County Master Gardener volunteers shared information about sustainable gardening and answered gardener questions.

Tulare County UC Master Gardener Ken Becker shares a light moment with a booth visitor while answering gardening questions.
Kearney REC director Jeff Dahlberg speaks with an ag reporter at the World Ag Expo.
Posted on Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 10:05 AM

ANR participates in World Ag Expo

The 50th World Agricultural Expo was held Feb. 14-16, 2017, in Tulare. The three-day show was attended by 105,780 people representing 43 states and 71 countries, according to its website. UC ANR participated by hosting a newsmakers event for journalists and sponsoring four booths displaying information about the division's array of research and programs.

At the booths, 4-H members and UC ANR scientists greeted visitors and answered questions. Visitors were invited to take a picture with a UC ANR frame and post it to social media with the hashtag #UCWorldAg to be entered in a contest to win a FitBit.

A visitor poses at World Ag Expo with Danielle Palermini, right, of Program Support Unit.

On the first day of the show, reporters were invited to meet UC ANR scientists, who gave 3-minute descriptions of their research. Rose Hayden-Smith, editor of the UC Food Observer blog, was the emcee. The speakers were as follows:

  • Mary Lu Arpaia, UC Cooperative Extension horticulturist, UC Riverside, based at the Kearney REC in Parlier,avocadoes
  • Khaled Bali, UCCE irrigation water management specialist, based at KREC, automated irrigation systems
  • Peggy Lemaux, UCCE plant genetics specialist, UC Berkeley, and Jeff Dahlberg, KREC director and UCCE specialist, plant breeding and genetics, $12.3 million study on sorghum
  • Lupita Fábregas, UCCE 4-H Youth Development advisor and assistant director for diversity and expansion, outreach to Latino communities
  • Maggi Kelly, UCCE specialist and director of the UC Statewide Informatics and Geographic Information Systems program, UC Berkeley, research using drones
  • Doug Parker, director, UC California Institute for Water Resources, drought
  • Alireza Pourreza, UCCE agricultural engineering advisor, based at KREC, early detection of huanglongbing disease in citrus
  • Leslie Roche, UCCE rangeland management specialist, UC Davis, drought management on rangeland
  • Samuel Sandoval Solis, UCCE specialist in water resources, UC Davis, groundwater management

UC ANR and UC Food Observer live-streamed the talks on Facebook Live and on Twitter via Periscope. UC Food Observer's Facebook video of the event has been viewed nearly 5,000 times.

From left, Doug Parker and Sam Sandoval Solis demonstrate groundwater movement for a Master Gardener volunteer in Tulare County.

On the second day of the expo, a seminar on the changing role of women in agriculture was presented by VP Glenda Humiston, CDFA secretary Karen Ross and president of American AgriWomen Doris Mold. The speakers noted that women have always been involved in agriculture, but cultural bias often left them feeling that their role was inferior to the roles of male family members. The USDA's next census of agriculture will have questions designed to count women as industry workers even if they might consider their husbands or fathers to be the primary operators of the farm.

From left, Doris Mold, Glenda Humiston and Karen Ross. The women leaders encourage girls to seek careers in agriculture-related industries.

Humiston told the audience there are many career opportunities for women in agriculture, not just on the farm. She encouraged the young women and girls in the audience to look for opportunities in allied industries. For career advancement, women can join professional organizations and serve on committees, take advantage of training programs and run for leadership positions.

The panelists suggested that women also identify mentors — both men and women — who can help steer young professional women into successful agricultural careers.

Posted on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 10:40 AM

Come join us at the World Ag Expo

The University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources is participating in eight booths at the 2013 World Ag Expo, which will run from Feb. 12-14 at the International Agri-Center in Tulare. Pavilion A will house a cluster of UC ANR booths: UC Cooperative Extension Tulare County (UCCE) at booth 1411 will be next to Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center (KARE) at booth 1412, and Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) will be across the walkway at booth 1513.

Lindcove Research and Extension Center and UC Riverside Department of Entomology will be helping the Citrus Research Board at booth L36.  The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and the UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center will be at booth 6014. Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation Center will be sharing booth M54 with Wilcox Agri-products. The UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Science will be at booth 8013. 

The goal of all of the booths is increasing our visibility as well as increasing the public’s awareness of how UC ANR programs help ensure healthy food systems, healthy environments, healthy communities and healthy Californians by providing leadership and innovation through research, education and service.

  • UCCE Tulare County will have publications on display; different advisors will be available at different times to answer questions. Tuesday will feature UCCE advisors Kevin Day, deciduous tree fruit, Neil O-Connell, citrus and avocado, and Julie Finzel, livestock and natural resources.  Wednesday will feature UCCE advisors Elizabeth Fichtner, nuts, olives and dried plums, Carol Frate, alfalfa, dry Beans, corn and oil crops, and Michelle Le Strange, vegetables, weed control, turf and landscape.  Thursday will feature UCCE advisors Manuel Jimenez, vegetables and integrated pest management, Cathi Lamp, nutrition, family and consumer sciences, and Steve Wright, cotton, winter cereals, and weed control.
  • KARE will have a TV monitor with slides of KARE’s research and extension programs; an interactive GIS computer program; and interactive displays of pests and beneficial organisms. Kearney director Jeffery Dahlberg and KARE research staff will be available all week to answer questions about research and extension programs at KARE.  Other KARE specialists, advisors and staff will be available for shorter periods. An ‘Ag Warrior’ intern plans to staff the booth as well. The World Ag Expo’s Ag Warriors program prepares returning veterans for careers in the agriculture industry.
  • ANR will be displaying and selling ANR publications and have an interactive integrated pest management touch-screen kiosk for home and landscape pest control.
  • Citrus entomology, affiliated with Lindcove and UC Riverside Entomology, will have an interactive display of citrus pests, disease, varieties, and integrated pest management technologies in conjunction with the Citrus Research Board.
  • CASI will have a display of conservation agriculture systems, practices and impact.
  • UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center will provide brochures on the fourth-year veterinarian student clinical rotations and research programs; videos of veterinarian students on the farm; informational handouts on the SMV’s Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine programs; careers in veterinary medicine; and VMTRC’s dairy production medicine program.
  • The UC Davis College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences will have several interactive media displays.  IPads will showcase the college’s information, including majors, internship opportunities, facilities, and ways to get involved on campus.  Videos that showcase the university and the students will be on iPads and an overhead TV monitor.  Current students (Aggie Ambassadors) will be in attendance and available to answer questions about student life, programs they are involved in, and their majors.

We will probably have something that interests you, so please come and join us!

The 2013 World Ag Expo is February 12-14.
The 2013 World Ag Expo is February 12-14.

Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 9:21 AM
  • Author: Laura van der staay
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