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New SAREP logos are in the communications toolkit

New logo for the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program.

The Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program has a new logo. To download the SAREP logo or any UC ANR logo, visit the UC ANR Communications Toolkit at

In the toolkit, you will find SAREP's new logo with and without text, in English and Spanish:

UC ANR SAREP logo in Spanish.

Brand consistency is important

UC ANR logos visually communicate our brands, and our brand promotion efforts seek to positively influence people's perceptions and awareness of UC ANR's value throughout the state. We do this by presenting consistent, credible and authentic messages and visuals about how we benefit California. Consistency is key to building awareness and understanding, because communicating a fragmented or overly complicated brand confuses audiences and makes it hard for them to understand both what we do and the value we bring. Simply stated, that means every type of communication we craft – presentations, web pages, publications, social media posts, etc. – is an opportunity to grow brand awareness and positive sentiment for UC ANR.

To that end, please be sure you are using the current version of the UC ANR logo and/or sub-brand logos on your materials – presentations, email signatures, flyers, posters, social media profiles, etc. We recognize that physical signage is costly to update, but if you are creating new signage or replacing old signage, please be sure to use the proper logos. For specific branding or logo questions, contact Linda Forbes.

Learn more about UC ANR branding and messaging in the communications toolkit.


Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 2:18 PM
  • Author: Linda Forbes

Slides outline ANR history and mission

PowerPoint slides that give an overview of UC ANR are now available in the ANR communications toolkit. If you are giving a presentation and need some background information about UC ANR, you can select what you need from a set of 14 slides.

The slides – which Vice President Humiston has used to educate UC regents and many other groups – outline ANR's mission, history and public values and provide examples of program impacts and activities. A map shows UC ANR locations. Statewide programs are listed.

In the ANR portal, look for “Branding Toolkit” in the left column. On the Communications Toolkit page, click on “Branding,” then click on “Messaging” in the left navigation under Messaging, you will see “ANR overview slides.”  

The direct link to the ANR overview slides is

While you are looking at branding, please make sure your email signature and other branded items are updated with the current UC ANR logo. You can download the current logo and other branded materials at

Posted on Thursday, July 29, 2021 at 3:32 PM
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