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014 Animal Grazing Systems Specialist

Submitter: James MacDonald (Associate Dean )
Submit Date: 12-Nov-10
Proposal: Animal Grazing Systems Specialist (Specialist )


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This proposal has been formally submitted for the 2012 cycle.



A UCCE animal grazing specialist will provide a key link between graziers and vegetation managers which heretofore has been difficult to achieve by the livestock industry alone, with credible third-party direction to further develop herbivory as an accepted means of vegetation management.

This idea is well timed, in the tradition of UCCE's beneficial service to CA agriculture and society, and should be supported.
Posted Mar 19, 2012 10:05 AM by Mel Thompson
The California Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) strongly supports the addition of an Animal Grazing Systems CE Specialist (Specialist) within the Department of Animal Science at University of California, Davis. UC Davis has been instrumental in researching the benefits of managed grazing for California’s multiple ecosystems and developing best management practices. The specialist will further enhance this work and provide much needed focus and leadership in the area of ecosystem services.

As you are aware there are approximately 40 million acres of rangeland in California that provide critical habitat for wildlife and ecosystem services to California 38 million residents including wildfire control, organic weed management and open space maintenance. In addition nearly 90% of California’s water supply flows through California rangeland. California’s rangeland plays a critical and positive role in maintaining and improving our state’s water quality.

The specialist will help meet the great demand by livestock producers and public land managers for extension of knowledge to understand the complex plant/animal grazing relationship. In the area of ecosystem services there is significant need applied research and practical solutions.

CCA strongly supports the addition of a specialist and encourages your full consideration and support of the specialist position.
Posted Mar 27, 2012 1:37 PM by Billy Gatlin Executive Vice President California Cattlemen's Association
CWGA strongly supports the addition of the Animal Grazing Systems CE Specialist within the Department of Animal Science at University of California, Davis. The California Sheep industry is made up of over 4,000 sheep producers, ranging from one sheep to over 10,000 head, making up the over 600,000 sheep found in California. The sheep producers in California make up the second largest population of sheep numbers in the Nation.

UC Davis has been a leader in researching pertaining to grazing and developing best management practices for ranchers throughout the state. Today, livestock grazing, specifically with sheep is being rediscovered and honed as a viable and effective tool to address contemporary vegetation management challenges, like controlling invasive exotic weeds, reducing fire risk in the wildland-urban interface, and finding chemical-free ways to control weeds in organic agriculture. With this increased interest, the specialist will assist in meeting the demand by livestock producers and land managers. This position will provide insight and science based information to guide sheep ranchers and land managers in future grazing decisions.

We sincerely hope that representatives from CWGA and the sheep industry would be asked for further insight on the position when funding is approved and be able to provide guidance to the new hire. CWGA encourages your full consideration of support for the Animal Grazing Systems CE Specialist.

Lesa Carlton
Executive Director
Posted Apr 9, 2012 2:53 PM by Lesa Carlton, Executive Director, California Wool Growers Association
A position like this has great potential to build bridges between many diverse disciplines involved in resource management. In order for it to have an impact on resource management in the future it not only has to work in a highly interdisciplinary research environment, it also needs to be part of the curricula the students in the various departments that produce all the different kinds of people who eventually work in resource management in either the public or private sector. Key clientele groups and research outlets should include present and future wildlife managers, wildlife journals, and wildlife professional organizations.
Posted Apr 16, 2012 3:23 PM by Jan Knight
April 16, 2012
Barbara Allen-Diaz
Vice President
University of California
1111 Franklin St.
Franklin 10201
Oakland, CA 94607-5200
Dear Barbara:
The California Rangeland Conservation Coalition (Rangeland Coalition) Steering Committee would like to express our support for the position of Animal Grazing Systems Extension Specialist housed in the Animal Science Department at UC Davis. The Rangeland Coalition is an unprecedented group of ranchers, environmental organizations,
scientists and government agencies who are major California rangeland stakeholders. Together, signatories strive to enhance and preserve private working landscapes. Having scientific information available is essential to our mission. We feel strongly a need for this position that
working across disciplines will play an essential role in the development and application of science-based grazing recommendations to maximize the provision of ecosystem services such as forage productivity, wildlife habitat, invasive species control and an adequate and reliable water supply for California. This position will provide critical insights to guide rangeland management, policy, and outreach, along with playing a pivotal role in meeting the objectives
stated in the Rangeland Coalition Strategic Plan. The Rangeland Coalition is excited to see the potential new position that will focus on rangeland ecosystem services. We sincerely hope that representatives from our Steering Committee would be asked to sit on a selection committee if funding for the position is approved. In addition, we
hope that you would direct the new hire to guidance from the Rangeland Coalition Steering Committee to define their scope of work and in establishing relationships with ranchers, land managers and organizations and groups that are focused on rangeland ecosystem services. Again, the Rangeland Coalition supports the creation of the Animal Grazing Systems Extension
Position. Pelayo Alvarez and Tracy Schohr Co-Directors, California Rangeland Conservation Coalition
Posted Jun 7, 2012 1:19 PM by Pelayo Alvarez

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