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Methods and Technical

UC ANR has 3 Competency areas for you to be successful

Under development at Learning & Development

 "ASK ME" skills and a simple
framework for effective extension
   Development, fundraising,
policies, grant writing,
engaging elected officials.



Working better with people

UC ANR has a technical information portal

Credible, relevant technical information to solve problems.

"Solutions for you"



Getting started

Who does what in UC ANR:  Roles & Responsibilities

See UC ANR Full (107 pp) Orientation Manual

A few notes for those starting out:

Start slow

  • Jump in with caution……Start slowly, Observe – but make yourself useful
  • In year 1, make connections - learn as much and meet as many people as you can.
  • Over time, it’s fine to develop an area of specialty, but develop breadth – remember the goal is community change

You're not alone

  • Remember you have a UC ANR network of colleagues to draw on. Ask to join an event (training, farm tour or workshop, etc.)
  • Develop your Network

  • Learn from others - visit the SI Innovation Hub


  • Publishing comes in many shapes and sizes (It’s not all about Nature and Science - your extension publications are highly valued)


Extension & Delivery - the “ASK ME +” Framework

Reference: Ag Extension Online - an external site with a number of practical extension fact sheets.


The ”Plus” (+) includes factors like Planning and management

Audience and Needs

  • Plan a farm visit (Key questions and what do – who to contact)


  • Basic economic assessment of options (Simple Marginal Rate of Return tool) Assessment Sheet

Key message

  • Synthesis skills Developing the Key message Fact sheet

Message (form and delivery)

Field days

Planning a field day - web (WSARE)
Field Day Check list (UC ANR)


Remember - Who’s the audience and what type of language should I use? Give background, introduce the problem, then jump into what and why. Avoid jargon what’s the simple take home and why is it important. Use simple language that a non-expert would understand.


Presentations Skills. Fact sheet


Develop Extension Material Fact Sheet; manual

Compelling Information: AID Info sheet

Drafting Your Message Exercise sheet

Writing Persuasively Fact Sheet 

Make a fact sheet Fact sheet

Evaluate your fact sheets Fact sheet

Using Information Technology

IT in Extension Link


Take better Videos Fact sheet

Videos 101 man-video-elliott

Should I create an App? Fact sheet

Working with groups

Engage your audience Fact sheet

Adults as learners. How do adults learn? Fact sheet

Run better Meetings Fact sheet

Facilitation Fact sheet

Build Consensus Fact sheet

Managing conflict Fact sheet


Evaluation Monitoring and evaluation (evaluating events, programs, materials, progress):

Evaluate a training event Fact sheet

Evaluate your ICT in Ag activities Fact sheet 

Evaluate Fact Sheets Fact sheet

Evaluate Web Sites Fact sheet

Evaluate your Extension System Fact sheet

Writing an impact report/statements  

UC ANR Training Impact Statement Template PowerPoint

PR Outcomes and Impacts examples PowerPoint

Program Evaluation (UC ANR) Link 



Around the office

Funding basics - different funding types and sources

How to write proposals (how to identify and engage the right partners)

“+” - plus

Understand Extension - Change management, Customer service; The technology adoption process (Behavior change)

Plan and implement programs - Planning; Priority setting; Proposal writing; Resource management and allocation, Reporting (activity and personal performance reviews), Budget management, Funding basics, Proposal writing.

Personal skills - People management, Time management; Professionalism; Flexibility; Self-directed; Problem solving; Continuous learning; Handling emails


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