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The Future of Water for Irrigation in California and Israel


Posters from the Monday night reception


CASP: Consortium for Advanced Sorghum Phenomics

Jeff Dahlberg, UC ANR, Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center


Comparison of surface furrow and subsurface drip irrigation systems in the Imperial Valley for root yield and quality, water use and susceptibility to late-season root rots

Stephen Kaffka, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis


Differences in spatial water uptake by Grapevine rootstocks revealed by multidimensional electrical resisitivity tomography

Kaan Kurtural, UC Oakville Experiment Station


Enhancing the efficiency of water-use in sugar beet commercial fields through improved irrigation practices in the Imperial Valley

Ali Montazar, UC Cooperative Extension, Imperial County


Measuring soil water under subsurface drip irrigation using small-footprint cosmic-ray neutron probe

Isaya Kisekka, Dept. of Land, Air, and Water Resources, UC Davis


Surveys of irrigation usage can help guide water resource management

Mark Battany, UC Cooperative Extension, San Luis Obispo County


Use of EM-38 Soil Surveys in Forage Fields at a Saline Drainage Water Reuse Site to Calibrate a Hydro-salinity Model for Decision Support

Sharon Benes, California State University, Fresno


The Importance of Drip Irrigation Uniformity and How to Obtain It: Equipment, Behavior and Training

Inge Bisconer, Surf 'N Earth Enterprises


DIDAS - A user-friendly software for Drip Irrigation Design And Scheduling

Shmulik Friedman, Dept. of Environmental Physics and Irrigation, Institute of Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, The Volcani Center, ARO Israel


Actual Water Use of Micro-irrigated Pistachio Orchards on Saline Soils in the San Joaquin Valley of California

Giulia Marino and Daniele Zaccaria, Dept. of Land, Air, and Water Resources, UC Davis


Jerusalem Artichoke Maintains High Tuber and Inulin Yield Under Saline Irrigation Waters

Jorge Ferreira, USDA-ARS US Salinity Lab


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