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Garden Tips for September


  • Sow poppy seeds.
  • Milkweed seeds can be sown now to support monarch butterfly larvae next spring and summer.
  • Daffodil bulbs planted every other week until November will extend their blooming time next spring.
  • Plant cyclamen, primrose, euryops, violas, snapdragons, and calendulas now for holiday color in December.
  • Begin transplanting lettuces to beds and continue to do so every two weeks.
  • Transplant nursery-grown winter vegetables.


  • Fertilize winter vegetable crops with a top dressing of compost or an evenly-balanced fertilizer.
  • Start removing and redirecting tired, disease-free summer vegetable plants to the compost pile. Renew vegetable beds with compost to feed the soil for next season.
  • Dig, divide, and replant overgrown perennials as they finish blooming. Weed beds, add compost, and replant.
  • Dethatch and aerate lawn.

Pest and disease control

  • Use row covers to keep cabbage loopers, aphids, and whiteflies from winter vegetable crops.
  • Keep diseased plants out of compost pile.
  • Hand pick or vacuum remaining insect pests in the garden.
  • Look for tomato hornworms early in the morning and at dusk, when they are chomping on plants.
  • Net grapes from marauding birds. Hanging mylar strips or old CDs to reflect light and startle birds can cut down on fruit loss.