Youth in Action Award application
Contact: Suzanne Morikawa,
Sponsor: National 4-H Council

The 4-H Youth in Action Program recognizes four confident young leaders with diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives in our core pillar areas: agriculture, civic engagement, healthy living and STEM.

Each year, Pillar Winners will experience an exciting year of telling their 4-H story and celebrating their leadership. Winners receive:

  • $5,000 higher education scholarship
  • Promotional video showcasing their 4-H impact story
  • All-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C. for National 4-H Council’s Legacy Awards
  • Networking opportunities with 4-H celebrities and other prominent alumni
  • Recognition as the official 4-H youth spokesperson for their pillar


All applicants should review the Applying for the Youth in Action Awards (PDF) for tips and a better understanding of the time commitments that winners will be involved with.

Apply by March 29, 2021

Go to the National 4-H Youth in Action Awards site to apply and get more information.