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Through the California 4-H Shooting Sports Program, 4-H youth:

  • Learn about the safe handling of firearms and archery equipment
  • Increase skills and knowledge
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Practice leadership as youth leaders
Shooting Sports Event Calendar
Event Name Date
4-H Shooting Sports Leader Training: Archery Discipline 12/3/2022

Become a Certified 4-H Shooting Sports Leader!

Adult volunteers can be certified to lead shooting sports activities in their club and county by participating in a two-day training. Please note that you must sign up as a 4-H Adult Volunteer in order to lead 4-H projects.

Certified 4-H Shooting Sports Leaders follow a standardized format that:

  • Lists program components
  • Identifies clearly intended learning outcomes

For more information, please see the complete California 4-H Shooting Sports Program Policies and Procedures (PDF).

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2022 State 4-H Shooting Sports Match

Hosted by Siskiyou County 4-H

Register before March 15, 2022

Shooting Match Registration Form (docx)

All registration forms must be sent to the UCCE office of the county in which each participating 4-H club resides. All entrants must be verified as current 4-H members or Adult volunteers by the UCCE 4-H staff.

On or before the postmark date of March 15, 2022, the UCCE 4-H office personnel shall send the registration forms and payment to the Siskiyou County Leaders Council, 1655 South Main Street, Yreka, CA 96097.

Please see the 2022 Shooting Match Cover Letter for more details.


Clubs can pay with 4-H club checks directly to the contest or payments can be made by County 4-H Councils/VMO’s. Personal checks will not be accepted.


All participants and leaders should be read and comply with the 2022 Shooting Sports Match rules (PDF) for the competition.


Please contact Russell Hill at or Nate Caeton at

4-H Shooting Sports projects

The following Shooting Sports projects can be offered in counties with certified 4-H Shooting Sports Leaders in the specific discipline. Please see the Project Sheet links for more information about the project.


Learn how to safely operate and maintain archery equipment, as well as learn how to shoot. This project may include bow-hunting or target practice, and often includes competitions. Archery Project Sheet


This project may include target practice, hunting, or competitions. You may engage in multiple disciplines while learning about hunting, including Archery, Muzzle Loading, Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun.

Muzzle Loading

Learning about muzzle loading offers an opportunity to access the history and technological advances of firearms. From the earliest matchlock and wheel lock pistols to today’s in-line rifles, muzzle loaders have seen a long evolution spanning several centuries. Muzzle Loading Project Sheet


Learn how to practice proper firearms safety, such as safe storage and transport, steps to firing a pistol, and range commands. Learn to identify the parts of a pistol and how they function. Additional lessons may include different firing positions to improve form, stance and grip. Pistol Project Sheet


Learn safe and responsible use of rifles as well as sound decision-making, self-discipline, and concentration. Rifle Project Sheet


Shooting sports teaches a respect for firearms and helps you develop discipline. The 4-H Shotgun Project in particular encourages wildlife and habitats conservation through the hunting aspect of the project. Shotgun Project Sheet

Western Heritage

Learn to safely operate and maintain replica firearms and archery equipment of the frontier period (1860-1900), while expanding your knowledge of U.S. history. This project may include target practice, hunting skills, competitive events or living history.