Lawn Weeds? See the Newly Revised Pest Note!

Mar 30, 2016

Weeds can be found in just about every lawn. Weeds are not only unattractive to some people, but they compete with turfgrass for water and nutrients. But did you know that weeds are seldom a problem in well-managed, vigorously growing lawns?

Why Does Your Lawn Have Weeds?

Most lawns fall prey to weeds due to poor maintenance practices that weaken it. The three main factors likely to weaken lawns are improper irrigation, fertilization, or mowing.

In order to know how to manage weeds correctly, you'll need to identify the weeds and understand their life cycle. Certain weeds are associated with conditions such as compacted soil, overwatering, and poor drainage.

Weed Management

The newly updated Pest Notes: Weed Management in Lawns by Michelle LeStrange and Cheryl Reynolds can help you identify weeds in your lawn and develop better practices for caring for your grass.

By Anne Schellman
Author - UCCE Master Gardener Coordinator