Vegetable Pest Book and Card Set on Sale!

Photo of Pests of the garden and small farm book and Vegetable pest identification cards.
Now until June 17, you can purchase Pests of the Garden and Small Farm together with the Vegetable Pest Identification for Gardens and Small Farms and save a bundle! Use this link For detailed information about the book and card set, read below.

Fresh Off the Press—Pests of the Garden and Small Farm, 3rd edition

A new edition of the best-selling Pests of the Garden and Small Farm: A Grower's Guide to Using Less Pesticide is now available for garden enthusiasts and small farmers. Authored by Mary Louise Flint, the book includes over 120 new color photographs and 400 color illustrations. Individual sections on insects and mites, diseases, nematodes, and weeds have been expanded to include more than 30 new pests. Six new crops, including herbs, were added to the crop tables in the back of the book.

The focus is on organically acceptable alternatives to meet the needs of home gardeners and small-scale farmers, using a scientifically based IPM approach. Techniques that make minimal use of broad-spectrum pesticides are highlighted. This handbook is a valuable resource for successful management of pests on vegetables, herbs, and fruit and nut trees.

New! Pocket-Sized Guide for Vegetable Pest Identification

The Vegetable Pest Identification for Gardens and Small Farms card set is a handy, quick reference that focuses on sustainable pest management for vegetables, melons, fruit trees, and other crops commonly grown in small-scale farms and backyard gardens. Compiled by Mary Louise Flint, Andrew Sutherland, and Karey Windbiel-Rojas, the cards cover common insect and mite pests as well as pathogens, nematodes, abiotic disorders, weeds, and vertebrate pests. You'll also find information on general predators, lady beetles, parasites, and insect pathogens to help you identify “good bugs” in the garden. Based on the bestselling Pests of the Garden and Small Farm, this set of 53 colorful, pocket-sized cards is a must have.