UC ANR Online Courses have moved to eXtension

Mar 11, 2019

Attention Pest Management Professionals!

Are you looking for continuing education units (CEUs) to complete your renewal application this year for the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR)? The UC Statewide IPM Program and the Lindcove Research and Extension Center have online courses available that can help you get those needed credits. All courses have moved to the pest management section of the national eXtension online campus system.  Be sure to spend at least 1 hour on each unit to receive credit.

The online courses available from UC IPM that offer units for DPR license renewal include: 

  • Providing Integrated Pest Management Services in Schools and Child Care Settings (1 unit Laws and Regulations and 1 unit Other)
  • Pesticide Resistance (2 units Other)
  • Pesticide Application Equipment and Calibration (1.5 units Other)
  • IPM – A Solution for Reducing Pesticides/Water Quality: Pesticide Properties (1 unit Other)
  • The Impact of Pesticides on Water Quality/Mitigating Urban Pesticide Runoff (1 unit Other)
  • Water Quality and Mitigation: Bifenthrin and Fipronil (1 unit Other)
  • Herbicides and Water Quality (1 unit Other)

Six additional courses on key pests of citrus are also available for DPR units and were developed by Beth-Grafton Cardwell from the Lindcove Research and Extension Center. These include:

  • California Red Scale (1 unit Other)
  • Citricola Scale (1 unit Other)
  • Citrus Red Mite (1 unit Other)
  • Cottony Cushion Scale (1 unit Other)
  • Forktailed Bush Katydid (1 unit Other)
  • Citrus Peelminer (1 unit Other)

For a list of other approved online or in-person courses, visit the DPR website. UC IPM plans to add additional online courses in 2019. 

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By Elizabeth E Grafton-Cardwell
Author - Emeritus Entomology Cooperative Extension Specialist