Insect and Mite Pests on Roses

Roses are popular ornamental plants grown in home gardens, parks, and other landscapes. Just like other plants, roses can be host to a number of insects and mite pests.

Roses can grow well with little to no pesticide use and numerous natural enemies, or “good bugs” exist to help hunt or parasitize common rose insect pests.  

Find solutions for common invertebrate pests on roses in UC IPM's recently updated Pest Notes: Roses: Insects and Mites. This revised publication by rose experts Mary Louise Flint, Extension Entomologist Emerita, and John Karlik, UC Cooperative Extension Advisor, Kern County will help you identify insect pests, select rose varieties, and consider management options. The Pest Notes has been expanded to include color photographs as well as updates on the rose midge and other new pests.