Stars and Stripes

While many of you are preparing for the 4th of July holiday, we at UC IPM are also thinking about stars and stripes but in a slightly different way: yellow starthistle and striped skunks.

We usually have pests on the brain, so we wanted to remind you of the resources we have to help you with pest management. Whether you have a pest in your home, or outdoors on lawns, trees and shrubs, or vegetables, UC IPM has information to help you identify and manage. Check out our Pest Notes library for peer reviewed information or our video library for quick how-to videos.

As you celebrate July 4th, be sure to cover up to avoid mosquito bites when outdoors and watch out for yellowjackets that may be foraging for food while you barbecue. If you're watching fireworks light up the sky, we hope you'll be reminded of dandelion puffballs “exploding” and sending their seeds in the wind to establish new plants (and then look up how to remove them).

If you are going camping, be sure not to move any invasive insects with you by buying firewood near your camping location. At the campsite, beware of raccoons, ants, and poison oak!

Wishing you a safe (and pest free) holiday!


By Elaine Lander
Author - Urban & Community IPM Educator
By Karey Windbiel-Rojas
Editor - Associate Director for Urban & Community IPM/ Area Urban IPM Advisor