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Give the gift of knowledge this holiday season! Save up to 60% on select UC ANR gardening and landscape pest management publications now through December 11.
Book cover of Pests of the Garden and Small Farm
This essential handbook adapts scientifically based integrated pest management techniques to the needs of the home gardener and small-scale or urban farmer. 120 common pests are described in individual sections; crop-by-crop symptom identification tables guide you quickly to the information you need.
Publication #3332 - $35.00 $26.25
Cover of Vegetable Pest Identification card set.
A great companion to Pests of the Garden and Small Farm. Throw these pocket-sized cards in your tool bag for pest advice in the field or garden. Included are cards on general predators, lady beetles, parasites, and insect pathogens to help you identify the natural enemies that can reduce the numbers of insect and mite pests.
Publication #3553 - $25.00 $10.00
Cover of Pests of Landscape Trees and Shrubs 3rd Edition
The ultimate guide to managing landscape pests is completely revised! Contains over 400 pages, 575 photographs, and the easy-to-use problem solving tables you've come to rely on. Professional landscapers, arborists, home gardeners, retailers, and parks and grounds managers will all want to make room on their bookshelves for this essential pest management guide.
Publication #3359 - $37.00 $27.75
Card set of Landscape Pest Identification
Your landscape plants are not immune to Spring pest problems. Nip them in the bud with these handy pocket-sized cards. Identification and management tips for 80 common insects and mites, 40 diseases, 20 beneficial insects, and a variety of other disorders and invertebrate pests. 
Publication #3513 - $20.00 $15.00
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By Elaine Lander
Author - Urban & Community IPM Educator