Each 30 minute workshop focuses on a topic and activity that is age-appropriate. Youth learn the different ways the Census impacts all communities.

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Census: Population Count
Ages 9-11

Our population over the past 10 years has increased in California. By how much? Participate in Census: Population Count to learn more about the connection between our population count and the distribution of resources in your community

Census: City Planning
Ages 11-13

How does the city get funds from the federal government?
What services are funded by the federal government?
How will you allocate it?
Take part in Census: City Planning

Census: Impact
Ages 14 and up

With a focus on schools, we’ll show how the Census impacts school planning in every neighborhood.

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Census Awareness Virtual Workshops


Population Change Over Time affects the Census (ages 8-10) 

City Planning With Census Data (ages 11-13) 

How the Census Impacts my community (ages 14-19) 

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