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The Center for Forestry brings together researchers to create and disseminate knowledge concerning ecosystem processes, human interactions and value systems, and restoration and operational forestry management practice.

The Center for Forestry is located in the College of Natural Resources on the University of California, Berkeley Campus. It also serves as part of the system-wide Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The center is co-directed by Bill Stewart, forestry extension specialist, and Scott Stephens, professor of fire sciences.  For  additional information or inquiries, please contact Carlin Starrs, policy analyst.


2/28 - Management, firefighting crucial to determine wildfire risk

A new study from researchers in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management and the UC Berkeley Center for Fire Research and Outreach demonstrates that vegetation management and firefighting play major roles in determining fire risk in California.

Using 65 years of historical fire data, authors Van ButsicCarlin StarrsWilliam Stewart, and Connor Stephens reveal that on comparable lands, federal ownership, federal firefighting, and “reserve” designation were associated with significantly higher fire probability. This difference increased over time: wildfires in the most recent time period (2000-2015) were 2-3 times more common on federally owned lands compared to similar non-federally owned lands.

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2/13 - California’s wildfire risk is rising. Congress missed a chance to help

WASHINGTON - Forestry experts have a dire warning for California: the conditions are ripe for more catastrophic fire seasons like the one last fall. And an arcane federal funding arrangement is making it a lot harder for forestry officials to do something about it.

Scott Stephens, a professor of fire science at the University of California, Berkeley Center for Forestry said, "Political leaders should be able to find common ground that both respects the environment and reduces fire risk. The status quo for California's forests is unsustainable." 

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10/11 - Where and how to get fire information

In 2014, the Center for Forestry nearly lost one of our research forests to the King Fire. During this time, we learned a few things about how fire information is disseminated.  We hope some of this will prove useful to those tracking these fires.

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