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The Center for Forestry brings together researchers to create and disseminate knowledge concerning ecosystem processes, human interactions and value systems, and restoration and operational forestry management practice.

The Center for Forestry is located in the College of Natural Resources on the University of California, Berkeley Campus. It also serves as part of the system-wide Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The center is co-directed by Bill Stewart, forestry extension specialist, and Scott Stephens, professor of fire sciences. For additional information or inquiries, please contact Carlin Starrs, policy analyst.


The mission of the Center for Forestry is to sustain forested ecosystems through scientific inquiry. Our approach is comprehensive. We seek to create and disseminate knowledge concerning ecosystem processes, human interactions and value systems, and restoration and operational management practices.

The University of California's fundamental purposes of basic and applied research, university education, and public outreach provides the organizational structure to advance our understanding of forest ecosystems and to apply this knowledge towards the goal of sustainable forest management. UC Berkeley's Center for Forestry functions as a dynamic hub where multidisciplinary research teams are organized, financial support is developed, and science-based outreach is coordinated.

The Center for Forestry is located in the College of Natural Resources on the Berkeley Campus. It also serves as part of the systemwide Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. It assembles interdisciplinary teams of campus faculty, Cooperative Extension specialists and advisors, students, and staff from various agencies and organizations to develop research projects, outreach and public education activities, and policy analysis on issues affecting the state's forest lands.

The University of California has a long tradition of excellence in research, extension, and teaching in forestry. UC scientists have conducted research on forest lands for over a century. Forestry has had a formal degree program on the Berkeley Campus since 1914. Extension work in forestry has formally existed at UCB since 1926. The Center for Forestry provides the coordinating mechanism to allow this tradition to continue. It has both a research and an outreach mission on forestry-related issues. The Blodgett Management Plandescribes the goals, objectives and administration of the forest as a whole as well as for the individual forest compartments. The policy documents of Whitaker's Forest, Baker Forest, and Russell Reservation are undergoing revisions.

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The Center for Forestry is lead by two co-directors:Bill StewartandScott StephensBill Stewart has specific responsibility for supervising the operation of research forests and promoting applied research opportunities and outreach. Scott Stephens focuses on basic research opportunities. With support from an Advisory Council (chaired by Susie Kocher), both directors share responsibility for strategic planning and development. They coordinate expertise from the Berkeley Campus, the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, non-governmental organizations, and other county, state, and federal agencies to address important research and outreach needs related to forestry.

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Center for Forestry
163 Mulford Hall #3114
Berkeley, CA 94720-3114

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Mason, Amy 
Title: Administrative Assistant II
(530) 333-4475
Nakamura, Gary M 
Title: Area Forestry Specialist;
Quarles, Stephen L 
Title: CE Advisor Wood Durability (emeritus)
Schurr, Freider 
Title: Data Manager – Center for Forestry Properties (emeritus)
Shelly, John Ph.D. 
Title: CE Advisor Forest Products and Biomass Utilization (emeritus)
(510) 665-3491
Somers, Ken
Title: Forester
(530) 333-4475
Stewart, William 
Title: Specialist; Co-Director, Center for Forestry
(510) 643-3130
Standiford, Rick 
Title: Forest Management Specialist
(510) 643-5428
Starrs, Carlin
Title: Project/Policy Analyst
(510) 685-4049
Thomson, Ariel
Title: Forester
 (530) 333-4475
York, Rob
Title: Research Stations Manager, Adjunct Assistant Professor
(530) 333-4475
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