Center for Fire Research and Outreach
Center for Fire Research and Outreach
Center for Fire Research and Outreach
University of California
Center for Fire Research and Outreach

About the Center

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the UC Berkeley Center for Fire Research and Outreach is to provide a forum for coordination on emerging research and tools regarding wildland fire in California. The center will facilitate working groups devoted to a specific field or topic of research and management that relates to fire. The Center also addresses areas with Mediterranean climates world-wide.

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Given the importance of fire in many ecosystems, along with our dependence on and development into inherently fire-prone landscapes, we need to reach a sustainable coexistence with wildfire. Our goal is to develop and disseminate science-based solutions to wildfire-related challenges.

Drawing on the expertise of faculty and researchers, our primary goals are to:

  • Facilitate collaboration on innovative solutions to wildfire challenges;
  • Support education and training efforts focused on interdisciplinary approaches to wildfire research and management; and
  • Cooperate with stakeholders to fill their need for information and resources before, during, and after wildfires.

The center is co-directed by Bill Stewart, forestry extension specialist, and Scott Stephens, professor of fire sciences.  For any additional information or inquiries, please contact Carlin Starrs, policy analyst.

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