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Brandon Collins


Brandon Collins is a Research Scientist with both the US Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station, and the Center for Fire Research and Outreach. His research interests involve characterizing effects of fire and fuels treatments on forests.Much of Brandon’s research is intended to be applied to inform forest management aimed at improving resiliency and incorporating more natural fire-vegetation dynamics across landscapes. 

His active research areas include: 

    1. stand development/recovery following fuel reduction treatments and wildfires
    2. modeled effects of landscape fuel treatment networks
    3. fire severity patterns and interactions among managed wildfires in long-term natural fire areas, and
    4. characterizing variability in forests under more natural fire regimes.
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A list of publications by Brandon Collins during his time at the Center* can be found below:

Forest fuel treatment detection using multi-temporal airborne lidar data and high resolution aerial imagery: A case study in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California Su, Y., Q. Guo, B. M. Collins, D. L. Fry, T. Hu, and M. Kelly International Journal of Remote Sensing in press
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A vegetation mapping strategy for conifer forests by combining airborne lidar data and aerial imagery Su, Y., Q. Guo, D. L. Fry, B. M Collins, M. Kelly, J. P. Flanagan, and J. J. Battles Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 2016
Tamm Review: Management of mixed-severity fire regime forests in Oregon, Washington, and Northern California Hessburg, P. F., T. A. Spies, D. A. Perry, C. N. Skinner, A. H. Taylor, P. M. Brown, S. L. Stephens, A. J. Larson, D. J. Churchill, N. A. Povak, P. H. Singleton, B. McComb, W. J. Zielinski, B. M. Collins, R. B. Salter, J. J. Keane, J. F. Franklin, and G. Riegel Forest Ecology and Management 2016
Incorporating resource protection constraints in an analysis of landscape fuel treatment effectiveness in the northern Sierra Nevada Dow, C.B., B. M. Collins, and S. L. Stephens  Environmental Management 2016
Management impacts on carbon dynamics in a Sierra Nevada mixed conifer forest Dore, S., D. L. Fry, B. M. Collins, R. Vargas, R. A. York, and S. L. Stephens PLoS One 2016
Differences in land ownership, fire management objectives, and source data matter: a reply to Hanson and Odion (2014) Safford, H. D., J. D. Miller, and B. M. Collins.  International Journal of Wildland Fire 2015
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Reform forest management to work with fire North, M. P., S. L. Stephens, B. M. Collins, J. K. Agee, G. Aplet, J. F. Franklin, and P. Z. Fule Science 2015
Constraints on mechanized treatment significantly limit mechanical fuels reduction extent in the Sierra Nevada North, M., A. Brough, J. W. Long, B. M. Collins, P. Bowden, D. A. Yasuda, J. D. Miller, and N. G. Sugihara Journal of Forestry 2015
Fire weather and large fire potential in the northern Sierra Nevada Collins, B. M.  Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2014
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Using field data to assess model predictions of surface and ground fuel consumption by wildfire in coniferous forests of California Lydersen, J. M., B. M. Collins, C. Ewell, A. L. Reiner, J. A.Fites, C. B. Dow, P. Gonzalez, D. S. Saah, and J. J. Battles Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 2014
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* Sep 16, 2013 – present


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