Required Messaging


Non-Discrimination Language

Our USDA funding requires us to provide standard nondiscrimination language in communications about programs. The complete nondiscrimination policy can be found here.

A nondiscrimination statement should be included in all ANR publications such as brochures, pamphlets, manuals and guidebooks, for all programs. The inclusion of the statement is required by federal regulation and is designed to make clear to prospective applicants or participants our commitment to equal opportunity in employment and equal access to our programs and activities. We do not insist on the use of the statement on single-page flyers advertising an event or promotional one-pagers.

Sample statements

One line version

[ENGLISH] "UC ANR is an equal opportunity provider and employer."

[SPANISH] "UC ANR es un proveedor y empleador que ofrece oportunidad igual para todos."

Short version

[ENGLISH] "It is the policy of the University of California (UC) and UC Agriculture & Natural Resources not to engage in discrimination against or harassment of any person in any of its programs or activities.

Inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies may be directed to UC ANR, Affirmative Action Compliance & Title IX Officer, University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources, 2801 Second Street, Davis, CA 95618, (530) 750-1343.”

[SPANISH] “Agricultura y Recursos Naturales (ANR) de Universidad de California prohíbe la discriminación o el hostigamiento de cualquier persona en cualquiera de sus programas o actividades.

Las preguntas sobre la política antidiscriminatoria de ANR pueden dirigirse a: UCANR, Affirmative Action Compliance Officer/Title IX Officer, University of California, Davis, Agriculture and Natural Resources, 2801 Second Street, Davis, CA 95618, (530) 750- 1343.”

See more info and language samples.


General Disclaimer

Please include the following disclaimer in presentations, webinars, podcast webpages and other appropriate extension communication products.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed are the speaker’s own and do not represent the views, thoughts, and opinions of the University of California. The material and information presented here is for general information purposes only.  The "University of California" name and all forms and abbreviations are the property of its owner and its use does not imply endorsement of or opposition to any specific organization, product, or service.


YouTube Disclaimer

Because YouTube involves advertising, please include the following disclaimer in the About information on your YouTube channel:

No endorsement of this website is granted or implied by the University. This site contains advertisement links to third party sites. The University is not responsible for the information found through these links, nor does it endorse the sites or their content.


Use of pesticide names in newsletters and website postings

Use the following disclaimer when articles mention pesticide trade names:

In this article, discussing research results requires the use of pesticide trade names, but this does not constitute an endorsement of the products, nor does it imply that other products are not available. Some products mentioned may be for experimental use only and included for informational purposes. Pesticide Label is the law! Please follow all instructions and safety precautions on the label when applying pesticide products.