Video is a powerful tool for sharing and promoting UC ANR information. YouTube reports that 1 billion people search for how-to information on their platform every day.

These video resources are designed to help you leverage the power of video. We will continually add and refine as new information and tips become available. See below for information on how to get your videos posted to the main UC ANR YouTube channels.

iPhone Video Tips

Video Training Manual

Easy Video Captioning

Additional video resources are available on the Learning & Development site. 


Submitting your videos to the main ANR channels (English or Spanish):

Review your video to ensure technical correctness, proper branding, language level, logic of flow and practicality of the how-to content. 

Use the following (developed by the Communications Advisory Board) to review:

Self-produced with informal colleague review – Tier 2 (review for style only)

Videos in this tier are reviewed for adherence to style standards, then posted on a UC ANR-managed platform. Finished and rendered videos are submitted via a survey with the completed production kit checklist attached.

The expectation is that videos in this category will be primarily informational (rather than promotional). Videos of this category are akin to popular or trade press articles, and we propose that they be considered as such for merit and promotion purposes. It is recommended that a non-destructive video editor be used to create Tier 2 videos. As long as the software can deliver a finished product that complies with the production kit guidelines, the creator can use any appropriate product.

Review the quality assurance checklist and audio/video quality criteria. Be sure to obtain signed model release forms for anyone who is in the video. 

Videos for YouTube should be ideally about 3 minutes long; we will post quality how-to videos up to 15 minutes in length. 

Submission pipeline (English or Spanish videos):

  • Develop a keyword-rich description for your video and a search-friendly title.
  • Send your title, description and video file to Ricardo Vela, who will upload it to the UCANR channel and mark it unlisted. He will notify Strat Comm when it’s posted.
  • Strat Comm will handle the keyword meta data on the back end, add a custom thumbnail if needed and make the video public (and share it on social media if appropriate). We will notify you when it’s live.

Please note: Programs with established YouTube Channels (e.g. IPM, MG) do not need to post on the UC ANR channel, but are encouraged to notify Strat Comm at when new videos are posted so that we can promote them. We also encourage you to post promotional and/or news videos on the UC ANR channel using the process above and to ask viewers to subscribe to your channel in the closing screen call-to-action. Please also be aware that our UCANRSpanish channel has about 7k subscribers and gets high engagement.