UC ANR Logos and Templates


UC ANR logos

Includes English and Spanish logos in color, black, blue, and white. 
Download UC ANR logos

Presentation, Factsheet, Flyer and Newsletter

UC ANR EN_SP Presentation-Flyer

Includes PowerPoint presentation template and Word templates for a factsheet, flyer and newsletter (English and Spanish).
Download Presentation, Factsheet, Flyer and Newsletter templates


UC ANR EN_SP Posters

Includes PowerPoint templates for 48" by 36" horizontal posters and a 36" by 48" vertical poster (English and Spanish).
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UC ANR letterhead template_Page_1

Includes Word templates for English and Spanish letterhead. Download letterhead templates.

Certificate of Appreciation

Example of Informal Certificate of Appreciation

Includes an informal UC ANR certificate template in PowerPoint.
Download UC ANR certificate of appreciation template