California Stone Fruit Research Database
California Stone Fruit Research Database
California Stone Fruit Research Database
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California Stone Fruit Research Database


Comparison of High Density Nectarine Training Systems and Summer Pruning Techniques and Timing
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Evaluation of Size Controlling Rootstocks for California Peach, Plum and Nectarine Production
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Evaluation of Stone Fruit Advanced Selections and New Cultivars
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Evaluation of the Effect of the Brushing and Waxing Operation on Peach and Nectarine Postharvest Performance
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Genetic Improvement of Stone Fruit Rootstocks for Resistance to Nematodes
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Identification of Woody Plant Cultivars Using DNA Fingerprinting
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Managing Peach Twig Borer with Bacillus thuringiensis
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Mating Disruption of Peach Twig Borer
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Nitrogen Fertilization Affects Fruit Quality and Susceptibility of Nectarine Fruits to Brown Rot
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Non-Destructive Sensing of Quality Attributes In Peaches and Nectarines
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Pre- and Postharvest Diseases of Fresh Market Peaches and Nectarines with Emphasis on Postharvest Fungicides Effecting Decay Control and Epidermal Staining
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Quarantine Treatments and Strategies to Control Walnut Husk Fly in Stone Fruits For Export to New Zealand
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Role of Cutinase in Pathogenicity of the Brown Rot Fungus
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Skin Discoloration in Peach and Nectarine Fruit
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The Bionomics of Peach Twig Borer, Oriental Fruit Moth and Omnivorous Leafroller in Peach and Nectarine Orchards
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Water Management for Early and Late Season Stone Fruit
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